lunar tunes – feat. logos / uncertain / the plague doctors / elves

artists: logos / uncertain / the plague doctors / elves
title: lunar tunes
keywords: experimental industrial other psychedelic London

I’ve heard that the new world order and their secret Illuminati friends are all worshiping the sun, so I presume a release of a group of artists that celebrates the moon will be something of a rebellious opposite! The sun is nice and golden perhaps, but stay too long and too close and you might go up in flames; the moon however has something nice and cool, atmospheric and has triggered many minds into thinking they are howling human werewolves.

But let’s skip this epic introduction to tell you a bit about the actual moon-adoration music on this release. The first moon celebrating artist is logos with the lengthy wonder of a track named Selenites. It’s a long stretched out drone kind of material that feels like it is made out of angelic voices spread out into the galaxy to charm the moon and the blueness of its surroundings. Somehow it feels like Stanley Kubrick floating around in a self created heaven. It’s a work that is quite dominating, not some fancy background material; it is for an floating ambient work pretty intensive. Towards the end the angelic vibe of moon-love will land onto the moon surface & it’s a safe, but less angelic landing.

The next work is done by elves and is surprisingly titled ‘moon’. To name it music is a strong word; I would rather call it an experiment in sound and how it is played out. To hear it you will be required to put the volume at its loudest otherwise it just might disappear in whatever background sounds you are sitting in. It crackles softly in the ears in a non casual and in a non disturbing way.

lavanael [astral tides mix] by the plague doctors goes more back into the music forms, giving it a vague but electronic spin with a pulse that could be perceived as a subdued heartbeat of something strange and extraordinaire. The material is deep, wobbly and it feels like within it there are little fights between back ground noises: a little chit chat and a few prominent whipping sounds to get the moon up and glowing.

logos comes back with the prominent sounding ‘her feet made no din’. It sounds prominent in a sense that it feels like gravity is being played, pulled and challenged and yet gravity stays strong and keeps its ground. Some partial moments in this track do lift off in to the great universe, and when they found the secret to letting go; human voices will sing in a new age sounding pretty form. It’s the sound that makes a listener feel blessed.

the plague doctors returns with ‘a nightside summoning [for frater aossic] and this is coming across like some ritual of mysterious origins. It feels tribal, perhaps voodoo, shaman or something else beyond my knowledge. There is a electronic beat that feels half modern and half with a stick drumming in the past. But it’s the atmospheric sounds and the voices that will make you think like you are uninvited listening to a private moon worship session.

All the way at the back of this release are two very different tracks done by a project named ‘uncertain‘. The first one ‘drowning in a black sea [abyss] is atmospheric with synth strings, strange field recording materials and vocal appearances. For some reason it feels to me as the introduction work for a black metal band. Just the black metal band doesn’t attend as instead a strange sad sounding lonely melody can be heard among a ghostly brew of strangeness. This is pretty weird, but the moon might adore it.

The last on named ‘waiting an eternity [for the moon] feels less crazy and more sentimental, with a beauty towards its sadness in melody and sound. It is very atmospheric and comes certainly with the taste of experiment. Slowly the work will grow into something unexpectedly intense and beautiful; the music that feels like a relief with angel voices and light piano notes to accentuate the beauty of the moon.

You can hear this strange, beautiful, captivating moon worshipping release at the following link;

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