Rinus van Alebeek – Don’t Talk At The Disco – Elvis, Ein Volk

Artist: Rinus van Alebeek
Title: Don’t Talk At The Disco – Elvis, Ein Volk
Label: Self-released
Keywords: Tape, Experimental, 2in1 
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

Wow! We are getting a lot of physical stuff to review lately! Cassettes, CD’s, toiletpaper. Because of this overload I’m currently a bit behind reviewschedule. Nevertheless, it’s always a pleasure to find something new in my mailbox. And I will be picking up the pace a bit during my holiday.

This self-released tape comes in a nice thick piece of brown paper. It feels like the same paper used for doggybags in restaurants or vomitbags in planes. But the content of this paper is much better than the used ones in planes. Can’t speak of doggybags in reaturants. I always finish my entire meal, as my mother told me to do when I was young.



The A side features ‘Don’t Talk At The Disco’. Why don’t they want me to talk at the disco? Is it a silent disco? Either way; this side features a couple of lose tracks . The are a mix between very calming tracks and straight on ‘get the meter in the red zone’ tracks. Are very diverse style of tracks which is nice if you listen to them seperatly, but don’t make for a very coherent side A of the cassette. The last couple of tracks on this side are worth listening, because the take a bit longer to progress. The last track is a nice little piece featuring bird sounds, which had me almost of in a tranquil sleep.


Personal note!

The B Side ‘Elvis, Ein Volk’ is better stuck together. The tracks have a more defined sound to them, something you mostly find on cassettes. It tells more of a story. The tracks are more fleshed out and more on the noisy ambient side of the spectrum.

Personally Side B wins over Side A due to this storytelling. Cassette is an somewhat obscure method of distributing music nowadays and it is better to stand out with it via a concept than just loose tracks. But if you like loose tracks, Side A is your way to go 🙂

Just found out you can stil get this tape (plus 3 others if you want to keep the shipping costs low) here.



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