Audiozine #3 – Valerie Kuehne


Take your time when you want to listen to this. You need scissors, torches and other medieval instruments to open it

Artist: Valerie Kuehne
Title: Audiozine #3
Label: Staaltape
Keywords: Tape, Experimental, Opera, Musical, Spoken Word
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

Audiozine is a series of cassettes on sublabel Staaltape of infamous label Staalplaat. #3 in the series is about artist Valerie Kuehne. It was put together by Rinus van Alebeek which I did review earlier. It comes in a nice packge, which is very difficult to open eventually leaving you with a nice mess on your desk:


The first track ‘Haul away Joe’ on Side A (which is called ‘ball side’) listens as an old sailors song with a great ‘He! Haul away!’ sentence only pronounced right by pirates. Not exactly what I expected when I finally did mange to get a hold of a tape which was inside a Matroushka-like paper-in-paper-in-paper package.

The second track ‘The Gravitron’ is a nice anarchistic live recording with absurdistic vocals and cello sounds. Put in a mangler and shaken out in the dry air while walking on the ridge of a skyskraper.

The next track ‘Apocalypse Berliner’ is a extreme anti-machines spoken word piece about three different machine people can choose from. All is peacefull until it all falls apart! The words are set to a classical music piece I can’t remember anymore, but it will be played untill all eternity.

Track number four, which is not listed on the insert, is a recording of a short conversation between Valerie and some other guy. I have listened to it a couple of times but can;t find out what it’s about, but it must have been fun 🙂

The fifth track ‘Long Long Sleep’ is a classical nice piece about death, sleep, awake, rave, repeat. It would fit in a 16th century opera when the protagonist dies.

That was Side A, onto Side B! This side is called ‘other side’

‘Sunshine in The Sunhine’ is another live recorded track which probably was made inside a pub when everyone allready had a pitcher or two behind their teeth. It is a combination of musical Hair’s ‘Let the Sunshine in’ and live improv music. It made my day with it’s really relaxted athmosphere.

How different is track number two ‘Architecture’. This is a piece which could be described as the angry song in a film like Annie. The part in the bedroom when the drunk lady walks in the room with all the small girls. This track feels even more disturbed due to the use of low strings.

Third track ‘At Muchmore’s’ is a short intermezzo track.

The fourth track ‘Leader Eater’ starts as a spoken word / radio show of Valerie about food and other possessions which are sorted by Valerie and thrown/given away or otherwise disposed of. It turns into another musical/opera piece and represent the pinnacle of this tape.

I never had heard any other music of Valerie Kuehne, but she has a new follower! You can hear she is a realy talented person. More info about the tape is here.

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    more music from Valerie Kuehne

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