Gumbel – Bubblegum for the Brain

artist: Gumbel
title: Bubblegum for the Brain
keywords: experimental idm electronica soundtrack Spain
label: AFA

For Netlabel day Gumbel treats its honest listeners to a bubble gum album of sound.
It starts with the melodic Antipersona that feels like unwrapping the bubble gum, placing it on the tongue and letting it mix up with saliva until it is ready to be blown up like a splatter balloon.

Now cooled down with a fresh minty breath we can hear ‘Where the Walls Have a Soul’ which has this rhythm that doesn’t sound dirty for chewing practices. It is fairly melodic and poppy, it also has something cool; you know music for chewing while wearing sunglasses, gel in the hair and pretending to be a professional air-guitarist. If it wasn’t so unhealthy I would definitely mentioned that it would fit with smoking a cigarette; its James Dean kind of cool this tune.

Gumbel then deliberately steps into the no-go area of a might be very hot topic ‘Black Propaganda’. Seemingly by observing the music, the title probably refers to darkness within the music; something that sits in the baseline, but is nicely wiped out with the higher melody and the wicked drum programming. Suddenly we remember that we are listening to Gumbel, the bringer of energy and experiment. The music rips the sunglasses apart and even chewing gum cannot be compared to the nice rocking atmospheric work done over here. The melodies are pretty intense in a good way.

Then Gumbel brings another hot topic ‘God Told Me To’ which showcases the melodically skills of Gumbel as if it’s a fresh watermelon. The music is pop, uplifting, and almost wordless & it makes me kind of speechless. Gumbel keeps on rocking out with the next tune ‘Paul & Patty’s Final Embrace. It’s nice how Gumbel mixes the rock attitude with replacing the whole guitar thing with playfully synthesizers and vocoders. This sounds euphoric and happy and as a free downloadable release; freer then free!

Last track is probably the craziest one. It’s Sociopath Leadership’ which has this nice swinging beat rolling around, friendly rounded synth melodies and an attitude that makes me want to eat free ice creams somewhere (does a place outside the north pole exist in which free ice creams can be eaten?

Anyway it is clear that I have no idea what to say about this album, other than that it is great! Lots of happy melodies, nice rhythms and definitely deserves to be linked to the sweet and active side of bubble gum.

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