Jacco Weener – Waterreus

artist: Jacco Weener
title: Waterreus
keywords: experimental fleetwood mac dutch coast fishy scheveningen soundtrack Leiden
label: NETLABEL (!!!!) Smikkelbaard https://smikkelbaard.bandcamp.com/

Because Smikkelbaard is also a netlabel and felt terribly neglected by YIKIS not having them mentioned in the Netlabel Day support list, here are some words about Jacco Weener’s Waterreus. It is apparently part of a strange short movie which you can watch here if you want (something with a sailor and fish; pretty weird!)

Waterreus the music composition is also free downloadable, although you could say it could actually be worth a dime. The music is pretty avant-garde, a bit weird with cutlery being smashed and stepped upon, slender fingers rolling up and down over the keys of a piano, warm background material to fit the broken wine glasses in multiple pieces spread on the floor, and someone (might this be Jacco?) blowing a last breathe inside a empty left-over bottle.

What can I say? It feels as if its music done by a professional ‘Van Der Valk’ high-way restaurant piano-entertainer who had a bit too much Dutch courage and recorded a great piece of art, instead of following the rules towards the next pay-check. I must say that I enjoyed it, it felt pretty liberating somehow. You can download and hear it for free (do it today, as today its netlabel day, tomorrow it will somehow feel different..) at the following link:

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