Alexa Momtaz – The Korg Gadget Songs FIX1MIX Masters

artist: Alexa Momtaz
title: The Korg Gadget Songs FIX1MIX Masters
keywords: edm electronic ambient techno progressive house soundscapes techno industrial Montreal

Aggronoid-Bufferstate’ bubbels and buffers massively on the electronic baseline, making my stomach twinkle of pleasure and joy. The electronic tightly programmed beat is locked with the bass as if they are the best friends. Alexa Momtaz knows how to make this already thrilling and drilling dance track even more perfect; sparkly little sparkling melodies on top, topped of with additional extras to make the electronica trip, human and robotic at the same time. This is a good start for a nice collection of bass and beat friendly material!

Separation throws in another irresistible electro-swing, with perfect electrified claps, plastic fantastic bass and little extras that feel like little stars on top of a tight mix. The music seems to be a perfect fit for any dance floor, but also other floors (normally not used for such things) would be turned into dance floors with such music bouncing off of it.

Valentine’s Day starts minimal with a fancy rhythm, but when a little sound rocket is launched; also the music starts to groove! A deep house-vibe with a beat and bass that simply spellbound your toes; making them all feel wobbly.
My ones wobbled so hard, they saluted my feet and did a little dance in front of them. There are all these little vocal snippets that give this housey vibe something club-ish, but it also has something sweet and sensual to it.

The last track is compared to the other ones severely dark. As if a electronic computer bleeb virus had come to life from some other planet, or science lab; and taking over all that you can hear with a very lush bass!All your bass belong to Alexa Momtaz!

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1 Response to Alexa Momtaz – The Korg Gadget Songs FIX1MIX Masters

  1. Alexa Momtaz says:

    Thx a lot for this article, really sweet words !

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