title: Blunk
keywords: rock art pop experimental experimental rock indie indie rock pop pop storto Rome

Today I was going for a project: taking down a dog house. It wasn’t a classic one made out of wood made famous by cartoons, but one made of steel. The bolts had endure sufficiently enough rain and dog’s urine to make then all violently rusty. It seemed like a hopeless task as nothing would come down, twist or pulled out… But than I came up with adding some music to the dog-house-destruction-experience.

A few days ago a certain person promoting certain bands had send some stuff to take a look at, and thought that one of them could be my fellow worker to get the destruction spirit going on. The band was called HOWBEATSWHY and I thought with a name like this; it would perfectly fit my new strategy to forget about the screwdriver and go ahead by picking up the never disappointing sledge hammer tool. How beats why? *Simply by banging the entire dog house with safety bolt and all to multiple pieces.

Normally I would not listen to music for review and do other things while listening. I would sit completely still in utter silence and suck up every inch of sound to give it my most precious attention. But you can imagine me hammering a way, softly cursing the rusty walls of the dog house, in the hot sun (33 degrees! *Freemasons pay attention!*) with no liquid around listening to this album might not be the idealistic way of listening to music for a review. But you know we have tons of request, and only one dog house to kill; so yes multitasking is not cool, but sometimes it’s too hot to be cool.

Anyway, excuses to the band if they expected a in-depth write up or some kind of description of how all the tracks sound on this album as at time of writing hardly any blood is being pumped to my brain… Still this had nothing to do with the release but more to do with the fact that me (while listening to this album) had managed to actually destroy the dog house. I’m sure I couldn’t have done it without Blunk by HOWBEATSWHY.

Oh yes, Blunk is the name of the release. Not sure what it means of stands for, it doesn’t matter as the music on this album (oh gosh he finally mentions THE music!) is pretty good material to play when you are taking down a resistant dog house, or probably any other work related activity. The band, with the sun and my own body odor had this sunny vibe going on that made the whole job into something that feels very much like being on vacation. You know (maybe you don’t know) but with a tent somewhere in the middle of nowhere camping out with a little transistor radio playing music that you have never heard before, yet you know won’t offend you and present a perfect upbeat vacation vibe. And trust me that is worth mentioning as taking down a dog house is by far the opposite of vacation: But not with HOWBEATSWHY’s Blunk playing!

What a nice album, it really felt like listening to a alternative radio station without interruptions of announcers, news programs and advertisements. In fact they should ask radio shows to play this release, or in fact ban radio shows and just push radio stations to continuously play this release on repeat. Work would go well & dog houses will be destroyed in a happy vacational mood!

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