Salvation Egg – Salvation Egg

artist: Salvation Egg
title: Salvation Egg
keywords: experimental avant-garde improvisation noise weird Denton
reviewer:free range egg

Salvation Egg by Salvation Egg is featuring two lengthy tracks. one is named ‘before’ and the other ‘after’. Both of them are done by (surprise, surprise!) Salvation Egg!’Before’ probably refers to the time before Salvation Egg had found its salvation, and ‘after’ probably refers to the time that Salvation Egg became Salvation Egg.

The music is straight to the point in either the before and after session. It’s a duo consisting of John Clardy (drums) and Michael Briggs(Vocal Sounds, Drone) playing a energetic punch of wild drums and drone. If you listen carefully you can also spot this voice of Salvation Egg completely in a wild mood of going towards its salvation state. It is a intense and exciting thing for Salvation Egg, and when hearing it you can feel how much Salvation Egg is into making Salvation Egg.

Both tracks are fierce on the ears, providing enough wicked drums to crush many eggs that aren’t up for salvation, simply by the sound force of beating drums with sticks. The Salvation Egg (in either the before or after state) is pretty wild, banging away like a corner priest who wants to reach an audience in order to spread the word of salvation. Not hearing Salvation Egg would require probably a pair of not working ears, but hearing Salvation Egg doing Salvation Egg would probably require the opposite. Feel free to test out your hearing capabilities at the following link:

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