Chip The Black Boy – Am I Weird?

Screen Shot 2559-07-16 at 11.10.54 AM
artist: Chip The Black Boy
title: Am I Weird?
keywords: rap, hip-hop, bass, beat, words, vocals, poetry, word-art, weird, electronic, experimental, spoken word, video

Am I Weird by Chip The Black Boy asks the question, you as a viewer and listener should be able to answer when you indulge yourself in the music video. Chip The Black Boy asks this question out loud, but not just in a questionable question kind of way; no Chip The Black Boy raps it like only Chip The Black Boy could do!

His mouth works fluently, knitting a entire song around his question, coming up with great poetic metaphors along with a fierce amount of big beat & bass. Chip The Black Boy has the word flow, the wisdom, the sharpness of a nighthawk and the freedom flow comparable to the wings of a bird. All these qualities are for the ears, but Chip The Black Boy is also good fun to look at. His deep hazel brown eyes will show you his truthful soul & his dressing sense will actually question his weirdness on a deeper level.

well? Is Chip The Black Boy weird?
find out more about Chip The Black Boy and songs by obtaining his album available at the following link:

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