Dromedário Bicicleta – Todos os Dias em Que Estive Aqui (blablablabla)

Artist: Dromedário Bicicleta (translating: Bicycle Dromedary)
Title: Todos os Dias em Que Estive Aqui (blablablabla) (translating: All days I was here (blablablabla)
Release year: 2014 (translating: 4102)
Key words: loki, música brasileira, rock anti folk, anti-folk, eita, galinha de borracha, garcia Lorca, hambúrguer, lhamas, Sao Paulo

Label: LOKI ( https://www.facebook.com/lokiporra?fref=ts )
Reviewer: Luis Resquin

As the bandcamp himself says of the boys who have their faces on the cover, the album was “recorded in the period of one week by Vicky H. and Pedrinho Cobiaco”. It is surprising to know that, if i were guess, a week and two days or a week and a half … Overall the composition of the songs seem to be very well thought out, all noises are heard in the songs are exactly where they should being, and compose them all together without hindering the other(s), it is a work for two weeks and a few days or one week if you are a dromedary on a bicycle.

From what I could stalkear, Vitinho H lives in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte and makes illustrations, comics, photos, poems and your Facebook says it is “Cangaceiro in Loki company.” Already Pedrinho Cobiaco is “ballerina in Loki company”, famous for his comics and illustrations, lives in Jundiaí, São Paulo. But let’s get to what doesn’t interest …

The album consists of 9 tracks and 2 bonus and the low quality recording takes care of all of them, so you of a play in the first music Nausicaa, feels that Marceline of Adventure Time will start singing at any second, the melody and the sound of the keyboard (I suppose) with wheezing and distorted through very reminiscent of the music of contemporary cartoons, using an instrument with a bizarre shape and a sound means 8-bit called omnichord.

Issue the mouth, noisy or not, gases from the stomach, also known and transcribed by onomatopoeia: BURP !. This is how the second track begins, but with a little reverb cause one of them is a robot and can turn some distortion pedals in his throat. A letter that I did not understand very well … Perhaps this is the intention, and some wind instruments that appear to have been purchased in 1 dollar store, the music follows and from a time each stanza seems to have been recorded in a different environment, sometimes to hear of which is an external environment and in another moment looks like it was recorded in a bathroom (who never?).

In the third track Distrações de Luz (Light’s Distractions), the letters form words that form a narrative, a song sung to someone else talking about a possible meeting between two people, Pedro takes on the vocals and the guitar of this range in a light and leisurely pace.

In the track Alpiste (Birdseed) called a third person to sing, you might not recognize his voice hoarse, but that famous rubber chicken screaming in the background, and well accompanied by a keyboard that makes you dance with your head. The album has a lot of influence of the musician Adam Green and yours bad poor and good elaborate songs from the album Garfield (2002) after having gained experience with his former band The Moldy Peaches, which practically did the same style of music… lo-fi-trash like all of us.

Speaking at Mr. Green, the track Beirada (Edge) doesn’t fail to remind him again, Pedro singing and playing guitar and Victor with the wonderful sound of melodica, guitar and some “slaps on the cheek” make us stand up and accept the request of the song “come dance with me”.

The sixth song Vertigem (Dizziness) comes to deceive you, giving the impression that the album this ending and really could end now and it would be okay, many would be satisfied, but the Dromedary pedaled enough on his bicycle not to let anyone just satisfied and prepared some more tracks not to let anyone in the mood …

Ao Redor (Around)… Hard not to remember Rodrigo Amarante and his guitar half depressed, a different instrument as the kazoo making the contrast and “hmmmm hmmmm hmmm.” This track Victor and Pedro sing together different letters, reminding some tracks when Kimya Dawson sings along with Adam Green. Followed by the track Far a Leste (Far East) in the same footprint as the previous music, slower with “hmmm hmmm hmmm” and with a little more fierce drumming on the table that was before them.

A great prologue comes to close the album with a letter that has everything to do with party, something like Apocalypse … Alocaplicse (Alocaplycse). And they come back with everything with that little flute of 1 dollar store, all quite improvised and gradually getting more frantic and sinister along the track.

When the download is done by bandcamp the album comes with two tracks of 50 seconds each, Algodão Colorido (Colored Cotton) that has the vocal presence of Marina Cobiaco, probably a relative of Pedro? I don’t know, and the second bonus track called Pão de Batata (Potato Bread), talking about … potato bread.

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