Gray Pop – My Bear (and some more…)

artist: Gray Pop
title: My Bear
keywords: pop dance electro electronic music electronica electropop pop pop en español pop folk popindie power pop synthpop Buenos Aires

Searching around on the internet is almost never a waste of time when you manage to find things. When stumbling on the music of Gray Pop I knew this was the end stop of the search; it was over, the fun had been found! With a little effort a music video played and brains started to trigger the endorphins of contentment. The music video in question covers a interesting case of love, through the sung lyrics but also in visual content. The love for a hairy bear, for kisses and cuddles, companionship, sex and probably as marriage material.

The charm of the video with care bear action and the handsome singer is something that somehow feels like a well established character in a movie, something out of Napoleon Dynamite if that had bears and a love scene written into it. It’s good fun, humanistic and makes you hunker for a teddy bear for your own

Part of the charm is also the singer’s voice. With the Bear song it is okay to follow as the story and visuals help out narrating and filling in any missed gaps that might pop up because of the language accent. In ‘Wicked World’ it is maybe a little bit more difficult to decipher what the good man is singing about. I sincerely thought he was singing ‘weekend world’ and almost wrote a whole essay about going out in the weekend, dressing up and going around kissing and dancing with whoever hangs out in the corners of the club; something that made somehow sense with the video clip until I realized that ‘weekend’ was ‘wicked’. Maybe wicked is in this case a good thing? I mean seems like Gray Pop is actually having a good time, right?

But good times can eventually always be even better, especially in day-time with friends while walking the streets in your favorite red shorts and spongebob shirt. Or simply finding a rare collectible release on the street by indeed nobody less then Gray Pop! Time to parade along and enjoy the good gray gay vibes!

For more tunes please do not hesitate to check out:

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