i’d m thfft able – Dedicated to Ace Frehley

artist: i’d m thfft able
title: Dedicated to Ace Frehley
keywords: experimental avant garde avant-garde experimental harsh noise noise portland maine sound poetry Portland

i’d m thfft able rules the inside of his car & thanks to this recording to proof it; also potentially your very own ears! Only equipped with his voice i’d m thfft throws up an amazing array of bewildering mouth, tongue, lips, air, saliva-cooperation that will make anyone’s nostrils thrill & ears grow. This is a session of great bewilderment, of Donald Duck going for a spasm, of a warm and kind song in between bombastic mouth beats, drumrolls and material that just happened to be laying about in the car to be shaken and rambled upon.

i’d m thfft does an amazing performance, very wet, almost as if his tongue is a juicy piece of big beef that licks the ears of a listener until they are over whelmed by lubrication! The wise words of sentimental sung moments in between the roaring wetness are like romantic openings and his session something that feels like a wonderful invitation to oral sex, in which i’d m thfft must be (I cannot imagine him not being!) a true professional at! Not sure about i’d m thfft’s personal preferences but it just isn’t difficult to imagine the artist eating a fresh and juicy fruit like only he could! In a way this extraordinaire session is wet and sure as wild, romantic, passionate and pretty full on! Pure oral audio sex!!!

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