nick kuepfer – phonotaxis

Artist: Nick Kuepfer
title: phonotaxis
keywords: experimental constellation records drone etc folk nick kuepfer tape loop Montréal

Nick Kuepfer brings us on a fine journey of experimental kinds. The beginning is calm like a wake up call that goes hand in hand with the sound of a rising sun. ‘phonotaxis’ is the name which brings enternal warmth of tape loops seemingly featuring violins and a kalimba. Maybe even a trumpet… It’s perhaps not even important to find out what the ingredients are that nick Kuepfer used to create this 20 minute + soundscape as the results are simply a new thing on their own. It’s eclectic modern world-music formed out of experimentation that clearly was created to please anyone’s ears.

The phonotaxis session seems to have gone into a second part named ‘phonotaxis 2’ which seems to use the warmth established in the previous work but then gets liberated and celebrated with a loosely played drum, dreamy guitar, and repetitive loops. It’s a nice session, something that goes well with relaxing and probably dreaming.

The third track is ‘rattle’ which starts with a very nice warm build up that seems like stepping towards a psychedelic happening that half way kicks down the doors of reality. Once the music had opened up these gates; a spiritual inducing shamanic kind of music parades in: a bringer of content for the third eye in psychedelic music form.

Last bit on this album is the nicest in my opinion; it feels like we have reached our spiritual goals and found the power to succeed towards the next level. Concretely speaking this is pushed by a nice moving and rumbling rhythm, ancient sounding music that floats towards the sky for enlightenment with enough energy to get even the stiffest person to do some monumental body movements. Let yourself go and let this release by Nick Kuepfer guide you through the process.

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