Uromancist – Pyroerotic

artist: Uromancist
title: Pyroerotic
keywords: Uromancist, 8kbps, 8ravens, lo-bit, drone, ambient, acousmatic
label: 8Ravens http://8ravens.blogspot.com/

Yesterday I was notified by a fellow lobit fanatic that there had been a shockingly good brand new release out on one of my (if not THE MOST!) favorite netlabels named ‘8Ravens’. Today I listened and listened & than I even listened some more! Because not being selfish is a good trade, I would like to share this release with you and just in case you need some idiot to write about it in a passionate way; I even provide that in the next paragraphs:

Wow! This release felt like the aliens knocked kindly on my window (not the nagging digital one who wants you to install number 10, but indeed an actual real life window…), and when staring enthusiastically through the glass I felt that the mothership of lobit joy had landed. The music immediately placed me under a very comfortable spell, something I would imagine a good close relationship between a child and a mother would experience.

The sounds are so comfortable, so nicely draped and suited in the lovable 8kbps format that at times I switched from being cradled by a nursing mother to being in a heaven full of warm bubble baths. But the music would not only make me feel good, giving me as a listener a home to feel at home in; it also went on by giving the whole experience a certain overwhelming excitement with outstanding sound-playfulness that would escape the base-layer for extra enthusiasm.

When I played this album the entire family was feeling comfortable and filled with contentment. The lovely ambience flow with soft avant garde tendencies, sweet bubbling and sometimes rising sounds had a very peaceful effect on each and everyone of us. My ears had been so satisfied that when this full length release had shimmered away, I seriously couldn’t refrain from starting it from front to back again!

There are a few things that are comfortable and exciting to me at the same time, most of it I couldn’t mention on a family friendly orientated blog like YIKIS, but one is definitely lobit when it’s done in the ultimate proportions. This is a excellent album that I cannot stop loving! Might you share and feel this love?

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