V.A – Modismo 4

artists: Various
title: Modismo 4
keywords: contemporary electro
label: modismo http://www.modismo.cl/

Dear people, there might be a little bit of alcohol dripping down the words of this review. Don’t blame me, but the makers of the alcohol. In any way, not justifying the whole alcohol process but it does go well with this compilation by various artists.

This compilation starts with Travel to Cuba by Eban Kröcher. It feels like we are traveling by train as if you hear carefully you can hear the train rails sliding through the track in the far back ground. The entire travel is quite relaxing, as if we had taken a fine amount of morphine are almost passed out in a cabin of the moving train. With ambience as deep as this it’s a relaxed trip without any troubles or weird circumstances. Any one wants a sip of booze?

Next up is MRTN CSTR ‘s Cronovisor which sounds pretty lovely, very electronic, sweet and sparkly. There are beats, synthesizer things, even some voices floating around; its super positive sounding. I’m enjoying this tremendously, especially while slightly buzzed from the intake of alcoholics. You should get some!

Blit comes with a track named ‘Radio’ which has this sweet and kind approach with a bass that you feel rolling about in a chilled out state of relatedness. It was a bit weird in the beginning as the music was sounding very nice in a uptempo way, but happens to be; Björk – Triumph Of A Heart was playing at the same time; fitting perfectly, just adding a extra pulse of energy. Luckily the track half way goes for a thick friendly beat and nice squeeky sounds; so we can still pick up the pace and do some alcoholic dancing! You don’t dance? Drink some and you will dance!

Universal Consciousness by Nostromo is up next, this one is also deep in bass, with some talking points at the right places, a nice ticker and a fat base kick. It got my whole head banging like some kind of heavy headed baboon. The more you’ll bounce the easier it is to roll into M=W’s Penguins track. This is also material that gets you into a dancing mood. A funky bass, a easy to follow beat as a guide to wobble around on and you’ll know what I mean… perfect material to hear when slightly intoxicated… Come on, get that bottle towards your mouth and drink… drink like you have never drank before!

Alisú’s Lo que quedó del verano goes into the depth with electronica that simply serves everything you need when slightly doped out of your skull, ready to take in whatever it is that would come out of the speakers. This electronic dance material is nice and sparkly, providing the beat and the bass and what else does a person want besides more booze?

Perhaps more music? Pirata’s Árbol genealógico is delivering just that. A electronic dance track with melody and all its other facets that keeps the intoxicated listeners happy. Might even light up a smokable escape-formula and listen to Jack Plug’s Cosmonuts. Which basically continues the grooving groove machines and adds somethings spacious to it. Or are we just drunk now?

From here we can celebrate another friendly rhythm brought to us by Palm Era’s Nynya . It feels a bit like some weird folk after party in which this is the music to dance around in all our silliness around the campfire. It has this certain silliness to it, that feels perfect with wearing silly hats, wearing silly dresses and making each-other laugh… Good drunken times!

And the album and this intoxicated party just keeps on giving. La Fraicheur’s Confusion is especially fun and sleek with its sliding baselines, making me feel like a wiggling slide-user, wobbling with a almost empty bottle of booze in the hand! What a good time! Hiccup! Anyone wants some more?

More material to dance upon in this drunken state of upbeat happiness we can find Tonossepia’s Vuelve pronto porfa. I feel like it is very important to wear some good sportshoes over here. For extra dancing possibilities that would astound yourself. What can a person say about it? beats, bass.. you name it! To finalize this perfect compilation of electronic dance music that fits so well with self intoxication for party purposes the release ends with one final work done by Javier Moraga. It’s named Frecuencias litúrgicas and shimmers away like a sober friend who drives our drunken asses safely to our own homes… thank you!


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1 Response to V.A – Modismo 4

  1. linda says:

    A delicious release, even without the alcoholic content! Nicely chilling at home with it 🙂

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