Astoria- Synth Pit


Be your own hero!

Artist: Astoria
Title: Synth Pit
Label: Tanuki Records
Keywords: Tape, Synth, Aliens, Abduction
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

The cassette start with alien sounds, swirls, bells and panning sweeps. As an alien transmission or intermission played via your home cinema set. It’s calming and nervous at the same time ending is disharmonized tunes. Extraterrestrials are trying to take over your brain and world vision.

In the second track the aliens are trying to do their best to let you watch an 1960’s sci-fi movie in which they themselves are playing the main characters. They’re doing this to make you believe that they’re nothing but motionpicture personages and not the invasion force they really are. Using more sweeping arpegio’s and deeper unconsciousness. Especially the last sweeps make you lose your mind and you’ll subdue!

Now that they have you under control, they fire some piercing laserbeam sounds in your cortex just to get you to behave like they want even more. Finally the police come with their sirenes on to rescue you and get you back to earth, litteraly.

The other side of the cassette lets you hear what your rescue has done to the alien race. They weep for your loss are you where the only one who could save both earth’s population and the aliens. Large drones start flying over the lands to search for you again so you can do what you where destined to do. Communications between the aliens set in as they finally spot you. Willingly you let you let yourself be abducted again and you accept the faith you have been given.





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One Response to Astoria- Synth Pit

  1. Mr G says:

    Great Review.. I think that means you liked it..?

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