Title: SESSIONS #1-6
Label: self-released
Keywords: Noise, Screams, Sessions, Gore Package
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

This is the first time in a long time that I’ve received pure hatefull noise to review. The wonderfull thing about these releases is the black- and bleakness most of them come in. This release is no exception.



Packed in a DVD case wrapped with black ink soaked toilet paper and the mandatory phallus symbolism. The CD itself isprinted with a¬†really zoomed in wall pattern, though this isn’t a HNW CD.


Your mandatory phallus

It’s a compilation of six sessions that GONOCOCCUS’s member Goredick recorded over half a year, but mostly during the winter of 2009. It consists of a total of 33 tracks, the longest running for more than 9 minutes and the shortest packing in at a mere 7 seconds.

All tracks seem to have been made using vocal input which then was heave(n)ly distorted and magled. In some tracks there are sparse outburst of digital sounds which also could have been voice samples.



In conclusion I can say that this CD has a constant flow of nihilism and if you’re looking for a depression, start listening! I have no idea where you can buy this one (rectified, read it below!), but you can listen to a part of it on yoeppoep.

Received the contact info:


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