Illusory Scapes – Figments Of My Wishes

Artist: Illusory Scapes
Title: Figments Of My Wishes
Keywords: experimental ambient electronic chillout chillwave dreamwave Jhansi

Illusory Scapes uses mellow melodically petite works of sweet dreamy melodies that are teamed up with soothing rhythms for the most pleasurable results. Each work is like a little wonder, surprising the ears with twinkling sensations of love, depth and magical prettiness. Everything is right, and it’s still surprising how Illusory Scapes
proofs that electronic music could be sweeter than the sweetest thing, even when there is a beat involved.

There are even sounds used that would fit in a electro trance record, but here they are all so nicely interwoven with the sweetness of the other excellent electronic sound choices that even these things become a part of the magical melodically love machine. It is hard to find words to describe this release, as it’s one of these things that only music could tell. A language so universal, it will explain itself if you just would click and meet up with the release down at the following link:

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