sp3ct3rs – we lost our way

Artist: sp3ct3rs 
title: we lost our way
keywords: experimental
label: Dog Park https://dogparkrecords.bandcamp.com

This free downloadable release is one that starts ever so gentle. A wonderful ambience of warm loneliness that seemingly seems to play an improvised melody that has church-like healing proportions. But there are no concrete walls or altars; this is more church-like in a way that it feels like the early sun light that shines through the colorful glass window mosaics. I don’t know about you, but over here it has a calming effect on the mental state of mind. over where you may ask? Well I guess inside this music…

The artist than throws away the holy atmosphere of pure light by introducing some darker shadows to the audio zone. This is ‘slowbleed’ a audio scape that sounds like a strange little guitar monster that searches the premises with all kind of shrieks and grins. The monster goes from sun light to shadows, looks around every corner with a movement only a elastic legged unaccountable monster could do. It defines gravity, hums along in its improvised search. Is it lost? Or did it lost something? Maybe the way?

Of course when such wild animalistic guitar monsters had visited the ears, there might be some after experience in the shape of a possibly scar as a souvenir. It might sting a little, but somehow it’s also a pretty thing to hear & have near.

sp3ct3rs bestows us with showcasing the intriguing sounding ‘Horrors upon us’ which has this raw edge of an improvised audio play with the music creating the action and the talking of the entire screen play. It is dramatic and moving, leaving listeners on the edge of their seats, imagined as if they had been seated in a mystical theatre with this music as the sacred show on stage. The music keeps on moving and responding to itself like a conversation that never stops evolving and never shows a sign of not being confrontational towards itself. It’s a theatrical performance which you can hear as a elaborating story or indeed as a captivating music composition. Can you still follow me? Or you have lost me?

Than it’s time to somehow discuss a track named ‘Hiveborn’ a work that fits this theatrical setting of story telling through sounds and vibes in a perfect way. Yet here I feel the music becomes beyond psychedelics and less stage-art. It’s as if the artist has unleashed the vortex behind the stage of improvisation, moved itself to the back and let the strange mystery of sounds do the talking. Resulting in material that keeps your ears open and toes curled up with beautiful tension with cool warmth and dark undertones of the beyond realm of music. The moment when a voice pops up to say ‘ah’ the hairs on the back of my neck went up just in order to pick up the mystical parts of this psychedelic expression. This is more than music! Who cares about ‘the way’ as beyond music like this we don’t need no ways!

To end this release in safety & in style it is clear that sp3ct3rs couldn’t have a better choice than ending it with the subtle sounding ‘Void chorus’. It’s a low laying shimmer of self-esteem, convincing in giving the atmosphere of returning back to ‘normality’ that should be the reality that you have attempted to read this review in. Things don’t make sense, but try reviewing music that is beyond music; it’s difficult typing, thinking or writing when such music takes your mind away & throws it into another realm. Maybe losing the way is simply the way to go! A good place to spend time! Check and download this free next level album at the following link:

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