Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo – 20 Albums

artist: Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo
title: 20 Albums
keywords: 1 album 1 minute argentina experimental experiemental experiment halo improvisation jazz and improvised music light mistake noise proove soul Argentine
label: Adaptador Records https://adaptador.bandcamp.com/

I don’t know if yeah I know it sucks is the right place to confess this; but I’m a sucker for concept albums. The floppy diskette compilation of people urinating named ‘flop-pee’ is still one that feels like a highlight in the collection, yet artist Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo seems to share the love for conceptual releases (maybe not the same love for urine!) and always seem to reinvent a new thing to be wondering over.

The latest in his journey of conceptual experiments is good news for music lovers that like to hear more for less. After all; time is money (is it really?) and there seems to be lack of time to hear all the things we should hear. I don’t mean politics, news casts and other things; albums! Music albums (not photo or poetry albums) is what I’m talking about.


^ a snapshot of a poetry album

We at YIKIS receive so many requests to hear things but as we are no army of octopuses we seem not able to review or ‘say’ something about all these albums as unlike the professionals we actually tend to listen to the things. A thing that (as you could probably imagine) takes up a lot of time, but also feels like the right thing to do. Now Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo seems to understand our problem of not being able to hear all the albums that had been send to us for review & instead of not sending 20 albums we all should hear and check out, he actually found a way how to hear them all in a quick and efficient time-saving mode! Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo managed to squeeze 20 albums in 20 one minute tracks! If this innovative time saving & uncompromising music listening sensation works out; we might use this trick for all send in albums and releases send to our humble abode for review.

Thanks to Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo, what follows next are 20 short album reviews in a single post! Saving even you readers at home lots and lots of time!

F i s h m a n s
An galactic ambient album, very pretty, open and very wide. Great use of ambiance vocals deeply flourishing in the deep mix. A fine collectible in anyone’s album collection.

B e n F r o s t
Also a very interesting and deep album, full of nice spacious holiness, new wave with drone and of course the very important presence of a high priestess giving soothing hymns for great spiritual achievements.

C a n
Lots of great beats, atmospheric eighties vibe, like a welsh thunderstorm of pop.

T a l k T a l k
This is an excellent album, beautiful vocal aspects, great melodies, full on glory that delivers in full frontal classic ways.

F e l a K u t i
Up tempo jazzy pop fun with great humanistic vocals, great trumpet parts and of course such a good energy! A true party album!

M o n k & C o l t r a n e
A wonderful album of a collaboration between two legends. The keys are played, the big band sound of jazz is high and up, delivering every note with great flair and precision.

F u t r e
This album contains lots of folk material with fairly dark undertones, harmonic orchestral male choirs and tremendous vibes for tequila drinking sessions.

S w a n s
This is an album that feels great for on the dance floor, the rhythms are bouncing on the floor and the walls; it’s to the point and direct.

S c o t t W a l k e r
Opera meets pop in beautiful orchestrated compositions, wonderful pronunciations and excellent sung and played music.

P e t e r S o t o s
An album for the whole family made by the whole family. Something that brings chatting down into an art form that you got to hear to be able to actually ‘hear’ it. Charming!

M e r z b o w
A nice fun album by this prolific artist… Very noisy, yet manages to entertain with precision.

J ü r g e n M u l l e r
-A mystical album, very spacious and adventurous. This release will take you down to other planets, to reveal journeys that could not possible be found here on earth. Great synthesizers and mysteries.

I s l a S e c a
This is an album for the world folk lovers, excellent warm vocalist meets guitar ever so originally played that it will flourish up your entire mood.

B r i a n E n o
This album brings a certain construction with it. Perfect harmonizing into melody and harmony; a relaxing moment in life to chill out in.

T e a r s F o r F e a r s
The great songs with pop vibes, alternative and yet cool, music for leather jackets and gel in the hair.

S u n n )) o
A dark album, very minimal and yet very sophisticated sounding. With an album like this playing you could lose your sense of time and space.

T h r o b b i n g G r i s t l e
This is a very intensive album, dark, mad and crazy full on expressionistic expressions and hysteria. Electronic, innovative and full on! Not for a regular listener!

D e a t h G r i p s
This album is up-tempo, very hitting in the points of punk rock, having the vibes of a possible riot all perfectly captured in their sound and feel.

A n t h o n y B r a x t o n
A stadium cracker of an album, pleasing the masses with melodies, trumpets and carnival vibes; time to party!

N o t o & S a k a m o t o 01:00
This is an album for relaxation, pretty calm melodies to feel relaxed and happy in. Music that is culturally pleasing and mind saving! A true pleasure for the ears!

So yes, now I feel like this is probably how all these music magazines manages to write their little album reviews; they probably listen to these releases in the way that Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo pointed out for us all to hear and go through! Want to experience 20 albums in 20 minutes? Here is your chance:


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