Evisma – Instrumentals

This image, pulled straight out of an ethereal void we call an internet, may be in the likeness of the enigmatic artist known as Evisma -- or, Mr. E. It's all so... Mr.E-ous.

This image, pulled straight out of an ethereal void we call an internet, may be in the likeness of the enigmatic artist known as Evisma — or, Mr. E, according to their SoundCloud. It’s all so… Mr.E-ous.

Artist: Evisma
Title: Instrumentals
Label: None
Cat#: N/A
Keywords: Metal
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Hello, reader! Yes, as you probably assumed, another request just blew in through my window like a mis-aimed baseball, shattering the window into uncountable pieces and landing on my secret fascination, an enormous electric shrink ray I’d built to turn those pesky neighborhood kids into ant-sized pesky neighborhood kids. Life in suburbia can be boring.

Well, to cut this story short, the request knocked that thing on and it blasted me. Unfortunately, this means I’m now a miniature reviewer, running from key to key to type out this review. That shouldn’t otherwise impact the quality, though. You probably won’t even notice.

Today, I’ll be talking about some Instrumentals, created by a very mysterious artist by the name of Evisma… Evisma… it flows off the tongue like Zima, or Enya, or enema… smooth, that is to say, like all of these things ought to be. What follows, however, is a thing that is not always as a thing seems it should: often rocky, jagged, stormy, even, like the cover photo on the artist’s SoundCloud page.

Digging in, it appears this material we’re about to hear has not been sorted in any particular way, so I’ve decided to write about three of the tracks and you can explore the rest and maybe write to let us all know how you felt about them afterward.

‘Choon Bi’ is the first, and it bangs in like some epic metal. Usually, I have trouble finding a lot to say about instrumental metal / rock pieces, but this music gets really progressive and it’s all one person! I love the chorus and reverb intense guitar leads that arrive, floating over the top of the mix. There are all these moments, in the way the song moves, where it feels like a dispersal of energy that is then channeled in new ways, things clear out before they return again in new form. I like the atmosphere of this a lot. There’s an interesting section with a bass guitar that is a lot of fun, and all these places that are like a heavy Mike Oldfield or something. The way the track ends is also nice, in just layered atmosphere and mellow guitar.

Pretty quickly into ‘Backstabber’s Harvest’ I’m already feeling as though I’m staring out across a fractious mushroom mesa in multi-color. The tempo changes are effective, and there’s this really fun section that blasts in, like some intense powerpop!

‘Mile-Deep Island’ is also great, with its slow, dark groove slinking through the dark on serpent legs while guitar and, later, piano, washes down on us like rain. Then, we are hurriedly taken by the arm and ushered into a completely different realm that feels like bright colors flying past us. Got to say, the movement of these pieces is very expertly done given how ambitious it all feels, very mindblowing!

So… yeah! This is really nice stuff and I maybe shouldn’t have limited myself to just the three, but they were an effective sampling. You should totally take a listen, while I go get my new micro-sized self sorted out. I’ll try and place a link below, but these things are quite heavy now…


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One Response to Evisma – Instrumentals

  1. linda says:

    It’s quite a catalogue on soundcloud, so I’d say it’s wise to stick to three to review 🙂 And an instant bookmark for productivity at the workfloor! A very pleasant, non distracting yet entertaining, backdrop for the assembly of powerpoint presentations and the likes.

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