Le Cable De Feu – Firewire

Artist: Le Cable De Feu
Title: Firewire
Label: Tanuki records / Memoire
Keywords: Packaging, Noise, Drone
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

This release by Tanuki and Memoire has such a nice packaging. Look at the pictures below and let them speak for themselves.


What will we find in this package?




This isn’t even the entire cover letter, but I dind;t want to spoil everything to you!

Contre Sense, the first track of the A side called ‘Fire’, is a long drone on a frequency my ears didn’t really enjoy to receive. It has contra tones which means they amplify eachother so heavely it isn’t pleasent anymore. And it goes on for more than 11 minutes. Let’s hope it stays the same for the rest of the cassette!

Gueule De Bois is the second track and has a darker deeper drone with more variance and higher pitched noises. A lot of them also have a irritating freuqency to them. The sparse burstouts in the track are really sweet though.

Plan Incline, number three, is more of a musical part you can find in the first movies that had an orchestra of experimental artists playing along the images displayed to an aweinduced public. It also reminds of some of the early experiments done in the 60’s by the like of Philips.

Mantra Express, the last track on the fire-side, does what it claims to do. Mantra like repetitions which seem to be based of the express train leaving and arriving at your local station.

Side B ‘Wire’, starts with Douche Doree. Which is really different from the A side. It has more spielerei as the Germans say. More variation and more layers on which the track is based.

Rodeo Sauvage, number two, goes back to the roots of the previous side. It is high, noisey and does damage to your ears.

You would expect Post Scriptum to be the last track on the record, but it isn’t. It is the best track though. It has a solid foundation, hard hits and a more organic feel than all the other tracks.

The last track must then be Pied Plat. Another 11 minute track, but very different from the opening track. The digeridoo styled sounds let your ears rest and calm them so you can continue to do what you did before you where entranced by this cassette.

This cassette is only €6! You could buy it for half of that price in digital format, but than you’re missing out on one of the most beautifully designed cassettes out there!


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