the garden of evil (dutch horror movie)


The Garden Of Evil ^

Rotterdam, distinctive harbor city of the Netherlands is world-wide known for its art, study opportunities, and cultural happenings. Birthplace of the gabber, and city of night mayor & poetry master on speed Jules Deelder. In this place artistic culture is the norm, always up front with adventures venues, festivals, workshops and movies.

One of the young culture gods hopping around in Rotterdam, safe guarding, celebrating and recreating artist, organizer & curator Niek Hilkmann has setup an important movie premiere that will put Rotterdam upside down from pure thrill. A brand new movie “Silver Lining’ will go in premiere by the legendary maker and director Paul Thissen Hommersen who will also be at the premiere for the luckiest viewers for autograph signing and maybe for all your answers on all the possible questions you could or might have.

Of course the new movie is kept in complete secrecy, but to celebrate the premiere & make as much people happy with a full on Rotterdam’s film event of pure cultural entertainment; the classic 2007 horror film ‘Garden Of Evil’ created by the same director, will also be back on the big screen!

‘Garden Of Evil’ is one if these golden nuggets that had been born in Rotterdam, and probably one of the more interesting movies that had ever been made in the Netherlands. Children under the 16 shouldn’t watch this cinematic horror experience as they might be traumatized for life, but even adults might suffer from pure traumatizing traumas! When ‘Garden Of Evil’ was brought to the television screens, stories had been printed of people fainting or simply not being able to sleep for a couple of days after watching!

The Garden Of Evil’ has no English subtitles, but the well-acted dialogue shouldn’t be a thing to put foreign viewers away from this highlight of Dutch cinematic art. The story visual wise should be enough to be understandable for anyone who has eyes to watch and a brain to register it all. Still for our loyal followers who don’t speak double Dutch we can slightly reveal a tiny bit of the story:

The movie follows a young woman who received a invitation for a visit to a garden. Her mother received the same invitation but has ‘things’ to do, but the young woman is very eager to go and see what it would be all about. From here strange happenings will happen and the young woman ends up at a confused doctor’s home who desperately wants to warn the royal family and everyone else about the mysterious case. (I’m not going into detail, and neither say what the mysterious case actually is as that should be reserved for the adventurous movie viewer to be seen.)

Strangely the gory scene of chewy meat provided by a fresh moaning victim is something I do need to mention here as in all honesty; it did generate a huge urge to get myself some pizza to munch upon! Somehow the victim intestines seemed so delicious! A real cinematic fest that not only speaks to the imagination, but also to the stomach!

The acting and action by the actors in this movie are basically every movie director’s wet dream. It is as if they all have had a top notch master class from Bella Lugosi himself to perform such masterful onscreen charismatic characters. The lighting, the cuttings, the great choice of music, special sound effects. the great casting and special film effects will for sure make underground horror movies shit them selves a little: A great horror movie of epic proportions!

If you are in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) upcoming thursday (21/07!) you will be able to watch ‘the garden of evil’ movie at venue Roodkapje’ at the “Trailer Trash Horror Fest” (18:00 – 19:30!!) & witness the premiere of a brand new cinema experience by the same genius director on the big screen! But if you are like me, far away, or too anxious and afraid to be in a crowd of people (and who knows? …Zombies?) you could watch ‘Garden of Evil’ from the comfort of your home thanks to YouTube! Better get a pizza before tuning in though, you might get the munchies! Enjoy!

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