TOTAL E.T. – Solarization

Artist: TOTAL E.T.
Keywords: Solarization
keywords: electronic experimental ambient drone industrial noise Slovakia

True kindness are the people who prefer giving over taking. If these people happen to be aliens who love sound and sounds then the kindness might even be a bit more truer. For the earthly birthday of TOTAL E.T. —-everyone’s favorite experimental sound producer brew up a brand new audio gift for all the well wishers and sound friends, making his fans and followers feel a bit like it is their birthday too!

It’s not only the act of giving on such a special day, it is also the actual material that had been given. With four royally laid compositions we are treated like precious listeners that deserve only the best. This becomes easily apparent when hearing the first part of the artist his present. IV is as experimental as it can get, yet it floats so nicely that it’s like a warm mental hug with surreal holistic rings vibrating on the sides; it’s a warm speaking ambience, humming and communicating in a most kindest way, almost as if the artist is reflecting on life and decided that all we need to know now is the gateway sounds for a happy strange wonder of a day. A homely whistle makes me think that TOTAL E.T. Had put on a tea kettle on for warm togetherness of home baked alien cookies and tea.

After this homely welcome in which we all could feel at home, the birthday celebration moves on through different layers, as if TOTAL E.T. brings us for a showcase to the nice chapters within his temporary earthly home, showcasing the rooms of sound comfort, books, family and general top notch warmth that is ever so kind to be kind. Of course our producer’s work is completely open for a listener it’s own interpretations, but I feel as his earthy home isn’t the only thing he invites us too. I feel as if we go outside, but we are also in TOTAL E.T.’s planet of origin, with visions of aliens marching to celebrate the birthday of the famous audio researcher that would do miracles on planet earth. It’s a fascinating walk, clearly in touch with its alien nature, but also with memories that are slightly more shadowy than imagined.

For the warm birthday aftermath of openness and welcomeness TOTAL E.T. Invite us all to stay for the night, absorbing the sky with the stars, the serene clean air of non toxicity, the calmness of inner and outer peace & the pleasure of being in sync and harmony with life in general. The birthday gift to us all ends with the longest and warmest audio hug that will leave our hearts warmth for at least tens of light years! Or at least enough for a next birthday gift! Come and celebrate the continuous glorious existence of TOTAL E.T. the alien producer that is ever so kind!

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