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Carly and Martina (Copyright: Carly and Martina)

Unlike normal mornings, we received a notification that our Shitter had a new follower. When looking at the name it might have been even two ‘followers’ using one account. We might never know if it’s actually two people or maybe there is a whole office crew behind it, but nonetheless the little description of the account awakened some interest.
Carly and Martina it said. •Recording Artists• •Chicago||New York• •Twins• •14 years old• •Instagram: carlyandmartina•

Apparently Carly and Martina are 14 year old twins from Chicago/New York, having an online presence being on Instagram, YouTube, shitter and an actual website & are on top of that; recording artists! What kind of music would these two record? Field recordings?

I guess curiosity killed the cat, but not me! So I went to visit their official website. It was baby blue and pink & upon arrival I could see the twins holding up each a not-identical electric guitar in their hands. It was just a nice picture uploaded on the website’s front page, but still it somehow made the whole Carly and Martina instantly more human. I guess they aren’t field recorders, but guitar players and upon browsing through their site it becomes fairly apparent that they probably sang songs.

Underneath their picture stood the text ‘tell us where to send your free music!’… I was instantly confused about this sentence; what did they mean? They want visitors to tell them where they can send their own free music? Do they mean that they somehow got music-making visitors their music & are now willing to send it back for free?’ But you got to tell them where to send it? You can tell that I’m a paranoid visitor and easily triggered to such messages. Did they perhaps mean that they themselves have free music and they are happy (if you let them know) to send it to you? I was still confused at this point.

But then I noticed a nifty little video underneath it. In this video I saw and hear Carly and Martina for the very first time in my entire life. They are twins alright, they spoke sometimes in sync and share similar hand movements, they are also happy and spontaneous telling us ‘welcome at their website’ and kindly suggest filling in your email address so we can join a Carly and Martina mailing list. They don’t actually say it will be rewarded with free music, but I believe they will… I trust them instantly!

I moved along and discover the many titles of their videos. Apparently Carly and Martina enjoy doing covers of all kinds of artists. From the Beatles to Adele, from Justin Bieber to …. I guess that will be enough name dropping for today. They also have a video in which it is clear that Carly and Martina are standing up against bullying, which is nice and good to know.

Bullying is bad, bullying is no fun. I wondered at this point why bullying was called bullying? Isn’t that a bit bullying towards a bull? What did a bull do to be named in such a unkind action between humans? Why wouldn’t it be called Humanying? Or does it come from the horrific act of bull fighting matadors ‘bullying’ bulls in arenas? I guess it’s not the time or the place to think too deep about it.

Back to Carly and Martina’s website: Personally I’m not very interested in covers of existing songs, so I found an ‘original’ of the twins. It was (and still is) called ‘make me happy’ and came with a neat video clip in which Carly and Martina sung and played their guitars in front of a live audience. They looked and sounded confident and their audience is impressed and dances to every guitar stroke and word coming from this special duo. Carly and Martina seem to have a lot of fun & it seems to be contagious.

I was eager to find another ‘original’ of the music making (and clearly music loving!) twins. This time I couldn’t see them performing the song, but could read and try to sing along with the lyrics. Good fun if you are not having a great voice and a lack of timing; but still lots of interactive fun when alone or among some open minded friends.

What can I say? I’m happy that Carly and Martina now follow Yeah I Know It Sucks & if we didn’t lost the password for our very own Shitter account; we would sure ‘follow’ them back!
Check them out at the following link:
or on Facebook , Shitter , Youtube , instagram

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