Donnie Ozone – Something To See

artist: Donnie Ozone
title: Something To See
keywords:nelabelday, hip-hop, rap, electronic
label: Bloc Sonic
reviewer: Puffy Poppy P

Donnie Ozone “Something To See” is a so called ‘dope’ release for the groovy hop hip hip-hop-yippadeedoda friends out there. It isn’t really a release, like an album, but more like a release of energy, slick words coming from as slick mouth attached to a obviously sick (in a good way!) word-slitting brain. It’s a single with benefits, as it comes with a fine amount of remixes and even a acapella, so someone might sneak in and try remixing ‘Something To See’ with its own amount of audio juice.

But in all honesty, doubt that any remix (or future remix) can be as effectively dope and cool than the original. (Although the remixes here are fairly close to the original!) It’s hard to sit still while the Donnie raps on these dope (did I mention ‘dope’ before?) big beats. Funny thing is that even though this tune is so dope, you can clearly hear that Donnie Ozone is fit and healthy, and not some doped up weirdo with some slurry voice; no, this is pretty ‘dope’ sounding coming from someone who got the flow and a mind that is open as a healthy brain could be!

This Donnie is born to handle the microphone and is probably someone ‘to see’ when he does a gig somewhere! Oh yes Donnie deserves plenty in his pocket, so don’t forget to bring some if you ‘see’ him. He probably would be happy as this ‘release’ is free download! Although don’t feel obliged as he got plenty of tricks up his sleeve! Feel free to get the dope over here:

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