Undecisive God – RPMs 2

artist: Undecisive God
title: RPMs 2
keywords: experimental turntablism Melbourne
label: Shame File Music http://shamefilemusic.com/

With unknown precision a guiding spirit came to me and told me to listen to Undecisive God, Starting by the release named ‘RPMs 2’. It doesn’t happen every day that such a spirit pops up and orders things to hear and do, so you can imagine I searched and found this ‘Undecisive God’ and the album that was recommended.
And what a good taste this guiding spirit had, as listening to ‘RPMs 2’ did indeed not fall on deaf men’s ears. It came in experimental sounds, cozy, comfortable, like sitting in a car with rain and window wipers wiping the view clean.
It didnt sound like that, obviously; but it felt like that. RPMs 2 is all about the ‘feels’. You could pick up the market atmosphere of happy organs on wheels, accordion players, loopy ramblings of fun fair feathers and poultry jumping on the roof of instant coziness.

Even when RPMs 2 becomes more bassy and distorted; the guiding spirit new it would be ‘of the good kind’. Crumbling nastiness away, like warm electric snowballs pounding the head like industrial muffled ear-warmers. Strange electronic parrots also seem to pop up for the ultimate happy entertaining atmospheres that felt like a rhythmic pleasure to my ears.
The sound of tiny bird-like feet with their small claws dressed in thick boots, are a nice added bonus for everyone who loves sounds. They step into a newly found buzz that makes me think of ice melting by the use of a non-receiving car radio.
I don’t know… the music is not available to be described; that’s why I think the guiding spirit recommended it; it opens up the mind.

The guiding spirit reappeared and kindly pointed out to also listen to Undecisive God’s Mistake. Normally I wouldn’t, but as the guiding spirit insisted; I did go down with Undecisive God’s mistake; But how about that? It didn’t seem to be a mistake at all! It was more of a trick question perhaps, labeling something to make listeners think ‘oh now comes a mistake’ but actually it is something that sounds the opposite of a mistake.
Making me want to say that it wasn’t even a mistake listening to Undecive God’s mistake! It was nice and warm, moldy and kind… This ‘Mistake’ was perfect!

‘Click and Forbode’ however was slightly more head scratching.. The guiding spirit didn’t recommended it for listening, but I tried to hear it anyway. I’m afraid that it contains dog-whistle like sounds not hearable with my damaged hearing.
Unless it is yet again, some kind of trick; something that would make me (or any other listener) think… You know the action of using a brain…

The guiding spirit returned to push me kindly towards the available ‘4.717ai’ another track by Undecisive God. This one I’m able to hear, and I’m in love with it.
If it was a person; i would have married it straight away. Luckily I’m able to reduce impulses like this and just tell you about it in sober profession. It is a music piece that feels so cute,
Very close as if a tiny sweet looking robot is making squeaky little noises from delight. It’s a rhythm that makes me wobble on my chair, dreaming of robotic ducks and their soft little tummies.

The last track I heard was ‘Telephone Call From Istanbul’ also done by Undecisive God. The guiding spirit didn’t tell me about it, but appeared and sat on my lap so we could listen to it together.
It was a very different track compared to the other recommended listening tracks, Undecisive God was playing a guitar and singing. It didn’t really come as a huge surprise as I somehow knew that an Undecisive God would be able to change styles,
And would be able to do it in godly ways! When the music stopped, the guiding spirit and I kissed before vaporizing our existence in mid-air. (sets you thinking, eh?)

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