Astrolope – Sour Dream

artists: Astrolope
title: Sour Dream
keywords: electronic lofi chiptune dance experimental electronic glitch Toronto

Astrolope is back and how! With an album containing a track perfect to kick off the weekend and give each other day of the week a sweet flow of energy to make it weekend quicker again! It starts with Astrolope programming a lot of danceable happy love named ‘Codelove’ which has everything that should get everyone who is into melodies, beats, quality synth sounds, baselines and funkiness in a modern dance-kind-of-way totally excited!

After the most warmest welcome of the danceable tune to pump ourself up for the weekend, Astrolope inserts the rest of the album like a calm flow of music that can either make you feel utterly relaxed, getting yourself into romantic moods or calm down with great music skills.

First Astrolope’s album settles down by adding something for the classical trained ears, effectively mixing an interesting violin anthem with the drums of a rocking rock attitude of rockdome. A combination that will make intellectuals and hard rockers united in unity while dancing their sentimental feelings away.

Astrolope’s Hush features Eric Seguin. Of course I cannot be sure, but believe that Eric is the one who supplies the soulful voice to Hush. This one is a track for people who are into those soulful bluesy male voices and want to hear it together with a subtle backing track of low laying beats. It’s a bit sunny, not too arty farty; like a glass of wine with crumbs of sugar in it.

Astrolope brings down the speed with ‘Sub Osc’, it might not be the time to dance and go loopy, but is a good moment to actually observe a musician’s music skills as if your ears are a sponge and the melodic music of horny horn material the liquid to be absorbed.

Astrolope brings back the prominence of a boxing beat within a technical sounding track named ‘Telescope’. This one combines the Astrolope knowledge of music and melody to create something deep, warm and pleasant. The bass and rhythm are nicely shimmering in a slow but upwards way; a bit like a short dream flight.

Astrolope’s album wouldn’t be complete without ‘The Ballad of Jeremy the Albino Cyborg Whale from Outer Space’ which showcases the producer’s talent of electronic intelligent music production. It sounds fairly electronic, yet very open and dreamy; a mix of flowing and yet being down to earth with big rolling drums that wouldn’t be misplaced to hear late at night in a bohemian bar.

Astrolope’s Oceanfloor is also one that further explores a musician’s musical ways; this time hopelessly relaxed, romantic even. The melodic howling feels like a yell of love and the additional big sounding drums are simply turning it into something very sexy. Who would have thought that banging on an Oceanfloor would be that sensual? It made me think if those experimental under water hotels, with walls made out of glass and a bed under the sea & this music playing it actually could be the best place to be on earth.

Astrolope’s love for the ocean is one thing, but love for the sky filled with green leaves from trees is also something to be inspired about. Astrolope’s Forestceiling is pretty, magical and smooth. For some reason it is utterly romantic, making me think of fireflies glowing up the woodsy surroundings of a fresh sounding forest environment.

The track flows with no problem into Astrolope’s Polyflower which seems to have brought the sexy sound of a horn, might it be a sax? Super bass, super sweet chip tune-ish mellowness and electric rhythm to deliver something that is short, but easily loved by all.

Astrolope’s Antigravity features Sea Beau. I’m assuming that the wonderfully strong and warm vocal is done by Sea Beau & because of her sound and harmonic original singing skills I feel that this might be the strongest track on the album. The music isn’t just backdrop, effectively doing its best to be just as prominent and interesting as the vocalist; it’s as if they push each-other to greater heights in music form; very beautiful results!

At this moment in time it doesn’t come as a total shocker that the last music composition on the album is one of utter relaxing sensation. In a very slow pace with minimal needs, Astrolope massages its listeners kindly & even the birds (real ones; with feathers and beaks…) are seemingly happy and pleased about it.

Astrolope delivered a nice album full of music. Sometimes I wished tracks would be a bit longer, just to get a little bit more into them individually, but because of them all being connected in music-skill it really feels like there isn’t anything to complain about as a whole it delivers melodies that are utterly nice and pleasant.

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