NoTalent – some shit

artist: NoTalent
title: some shit
keyords: grand rapids hip-hop/rap experimental experimental electronic experimental hip-hop Grand Rapids
reviewer: Simon Hit

You don’t need to study psychology to know that when someone names itself ‘NoTalent’ that the person is of course the opposite as the name suggests. It’s either a cynic joke, low self-esteem, insecurity or just a good sense of humor and building a wall in case some negative criticism pops up in order to destroy someone’s art. You can’t hurt someone who called itself NoTalent that the album ‘Some Shit’ sounded talentless and shitty.

To be clear, NoTalent and this ‘Some Shit’ of course sound anything but talentless and shit; just as expected it was clearly the case of the opposite. And if indeed this would be shit, it would be golden and it would smell lovely. Not sure how this album is made, if it’s NoTalent cutting and pasting in a jazz chill out collection, looping, gluing and pasting things to make something new with additional playing? Or that NoTalent is playing every instrument that you will hear on the ‘Some Shit’ album; but in both ways it’s a clear sign of this person being extremely talented.

Some Shit’ is super relaxed, very chilled out, jazzy and laid back. I listened to it with delight, as it felt clearly like good shit. Talking about that; when doing an actual shit, it’s also a relief. Perhaps the album is named after that relaxing and relieving moment after a toilet visit for a successful number 2 extraction.
Feels pretty good! Such a relief!

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