Various artists – Plantae

artists: Various artists
title: Plantae
keyword: experimental
label: Dog Park

This essential compilation of essential sensations of the plantastic fantastic kind, has just been released on the essential flora and fauna friendly netlabel Dog Park. It is a clear case of music for lovers (and supporters) of the green side of nature. With the magical numbered counting up to eight, we can find tracks of artists and projects of the experimental kind.

The compilation begins with a fairly recognizable morning ritual; being greeted by the plants, drinking a coffee between them while they rattle and move their leaves like good wordless early-morning conversations.

Than the track ‘solar nature loop’ by Ralos flare is coming across like a karate-kid master showing how to be absolute Zen in some natural peaceful place; Perhaps a secluded temple in the middle of green and friendly birds. The karate theme comes from the spacious claps inside this track, making me imagine a karate master (or evolved karate student) hitting bricks or wood with a single hand! Pretty amazing!

With the collaborative work between Michael Feathers & Furchick we can travel as if the guy from ‘honey i shrank the kids’ had shrunk us listeners to microscopic proportions & are now able to observe the sounds of the roots and bugs from upfront and close. They are impressive and gigantic, lots of life between these impressive roots; especially when viewed as a tiny spectator looking up to these gigantic roots. The music compliments them in melodic ways, making the microcosmos prosper and come out to do their little sounds of high ranging insect communications. It’s a experience!

E.M.I.R.S. takes a similar approach of being close to the ground and enlarging sounds that normally only the plants could hear. It’s if E.M.I.R.S. has attached super sensitive contact microphones as magnifiers to capture things forbidden for the human ears, and it’s equally proof that plants are very much alive, just as you and me are… Strange sounds, as if they mumble in their own language, sometimes opening green doors or engaging in music listening; these plants are worth investigating.

Ben Presto is doing something (that I think is) utterly amazing. With Ben’s track ‘Prothallium’ it seems as if he has captured the lobit frequencies of beautiful data loss, yet without actually going for the lobit aspect of music. The aspects are here, carefully doing the warm ringing sounds that lobit lovers know from the pleasurable sound aspects; yet here it is brought in dolby surround, high fidelity! Never thought in my entire life time to be able to encounter something like this!

Čopor brings a very sweet sounding Lullaby for rainforest. It’s clearly catered to please the rainforest, although it’s certainly not unpleasant to us non rain-forests to hear and play. It’s warm, slow and kind; a bringer of calmness, vitamin C and harmony. It makes the humongous rainforest small and tiny, giving it sweet cuddles and a tap on the head. Somehow I feel that Čopor brings the entire rainforest to a beach in Hawaii; really not unpleasant at all!

To relax more, we can rely on James Hoel’s The end of the night. His work seems like it’s going into the nature of being in nature. You can easily imagine a calm river stream, glorious green surroundings on all sides, a little breeze that make the leaves blow, mysterious music that gives the prettiness some darker shadows to hide in, when it’s beauty goes towards your head.

For the last part of this plant & fauna friendly compilation we can dive into the experimental world of the artist with the longest name ever to be existed: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt. He delivers a track named ‘Black Buddha * A jug fills drop by drop’ which reminds me of returning YouTube comments when people say ‘is this filmed on a potato?’, yet this is no video and this is certainly not YouTube. The track, slightly muffled in quality seems to feature our hero playing with a drop by drip rhythm accompanied by spoken word. It’s hard to decipher, but experimental it certainly is! When I played it to my plants in the YIKIS office they flourished and looked even a bit greener, so don’t forget to play it to your green friends (if you have any!).

And with this in mind, the compilation had come to an end. And that also means my write up / review thingy. We can let each-other go now, but before you leave, don’t forget to click the link and enjoy:

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