Felix_Helix – Vibrations 1

artist: Felix_Helix
title: Vibrations 1
keywords: experimental Minsk electronic IDM
label: HAZE Netlabel http://www.h-a-z-e.org/
reviewer: Simon Hit

Like a true pro this artist provides an intro to the EP. It is a short one as very long intros are a rare kind, but does do the great thing of stimulating the ears in order to pay attention to whatever that will appear on the official start of this EP. It reminded me of Madonna’s Ray of Light but than just a lost bit without the whole madonna part.

Luckily when the intro had left the actual music had left that idea quickly by coughing up a awesome mix of electronica with full on weird breakcore-ish electronic beats that people would dig if they enjoy the energetic IDM-ish materials. It’s pretty atmospheric in a dark way, energetic like a stabbing psycho with nice vocal materials that feel like the saving angels that will save the ears for total electro-destruction.

This path of so called smart electronica continues with a fierce collection of rattling materials break beating away in a hyper nerve breakdown in which even Mario sounds are chopped in. There are melodic ambience materials floating around on too of these active drum and rhythm programmed materials but the focus seems to be in showcasing the nonstop changing of the sounds or the rhythms. I don’t like to call names but it is unfair to say that there must be a big chance that this artist is heavenly influenced by cat lover Venetian Snares. But as this artist shimmers in ambience and no frontal melodies as our worldwide known cat lover, it is more like a floating thing with rhythms than a frontal assault.

The last track keeps the trend on with more rhythm explorations and ambient combinations. The mellow melody of synth material is a bit more prominent here, getting a more angelic feel on top of these wild drum programming materials. The beats do get harder, hacking away into the ears but strangely it never really comes across to me as music to bounce your head too or try out idiotic dance moves; ambient music based on rhythm experimentations is what this EP seems to be about. Might want to light up a joint before riding the vibrations over here:

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