Industrial Hydrophobia – Picking A Painting

artist: Industrial Hydrophobia
title: Picking A Painting
keywords: experimental abstract field recording harshnoise wall noise soundcollage Auckland
label: The Dark Thursday

Industrial Hydrophobia takes us into a (according to the artist) very important house & record there a session for all of our very own ears. If you listen to it, it feels like a cozy session and the house has a comfy atmosphere, not extremely large and hollow sounding, but more a house with wooden floors, tea cups and plates to play with. Industrial Hydrophobia doesn’t say a word, making the session a lot to guess for..

Where is Industrial Hydrophobia going next?
Which room, or which corner of the house Industrial Hydrophobia will explore?

You can follow Industrial Hydrophobia’s footsteps and hear Industrial Hydrophobia’s joy when stumbling on an actual guitar. With this in hands Industrial Hydrophobia strums an ode to us and the important house. It’s nice, comfortable and clearly a case of an artist that is keeping things real. Also a bit short, but it might not have been a very large house.
Check it out over here if you’d like:

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