Kim Zordon – Feelth

artist: Kim Zordon
title: Feelth
keywords: electronic experimental avant-garde lo-fi Katowice

The album starts with the thematic atmospheric sounding benjin, that with its rolling free style drumming and warm trumpet ambience creates a track that feels very late night too me. I can just feel the darkness of a city, a certain dramatic vibe that still keeps itself buzzing as a city never sleeps.

The short telephone themed ‘you don’t answer my calls’ also comes across quite dramatic. There is something light to it because if the melody, yet you can easily feel a tension of someone desperately listening to the other end of a telephone that isn’t being picked up.

Then there is something named ‘something’, which features a nice clear and light drum loop with bright tones that seems to be played out live. I can just imagine the artist holding down the keyboard keys in lengthy times to create this light weight, yet dramatic sounding material. It’s weird, it is bright yet it sounds heavy on the emotional side.

feelth’ even sinks in this emotional side a but deeper, played out with the keys of a warm sounding piano in combination of fuzzily sweet noise.

To sink even more into the depth that this release has to offer, the artist provides the dark, lonely and sad sounding ‘artax dies in the swamp of sadness’. A track that like the other ones feel very heavy and yet use bright things to create this strange vibe. It’s in that way pretty original as normally dark and sad vibes would be easily created by using dark sounds. However this track with its minimal progression of emotional melody has the potential to drag us deep into the abyss for a cry session. A good soundtrack for after break ups, or when you release everything is fucked up. Sometimes it’s best to sink into it, and why not with this emotional release as the soundtrack:

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