The Dark Thursday – 92117611661 6210317 433

artist: The Dark Thursday
title: 92117611661 6210317 433
keywords: harsh noise, HNW
label: The Dark Thursday

“A harsh noise/hnw release made of a field recording of a septic truck,
raw data and image synthesis.”

The Dark Thursday’s 92117611661 6210317 433 might be all that what the description tells us it is, what it doesn’t mention is how it is actually sounding. It comes in two sides (each of them at least 15 minutes long) and instead of tearing ears away with a gruesome blast, this is actually as relaxing material that is certainly not unfriendly to anyone’s hearing systems. It sounds rather posh! So whatever you do, don’t let the album description put you off, as who knows this might just be the relaxing material that you had waited your whole life for. Who needs a rolex when you can have 92117611661 6210317 433?


listening in style

It’s mostly a hissy scenery, but how it moves and sounds is pleasing, it will not cater the crowd that wants nothing more than instant heart attacks in sound forms, but it does more care about the sophisticated listeners that are fed up with all the opera works and classical music in their collection: There simply has to be a limit! Somehow I imagine the middle class and upper class all brunching along with this on the background, sipping wine from golden cups and saying ‘chapeau and cheers to all of us’. .

This image of the rich and pretend-rich listening to this at a eyes-wide-shut party is of course easy to imagine, but as confirmed; this is a release that will please all layers of society. Not just the high, but also the commoners relaxing in the pubs, on the streets or hard at work while scrubbing golden toilet seats. To make it available for all kinds of people, the release is available for free download; making it a production that even though someone might be penniless; they too can listen and feel rich, posh and good about them self. Taste the high life, forget golf and listen to 92117611661 6210317 433!

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