A kLoKwErK kAoS – Sailing Over The Edge Of The World

artist: A kLoKwErK kAoS
title: Sailing Over The Edge Of The World
keywords: industrial/metal/electronic/goth musical
artist website: http://www.akksite.com/

A kLoKwErK kAoS had arrived to our attention through the World Wide Web and its mysterious ways. Apparently one of the lucky people who know the man behind lobit hero ‘The Cryovolcano’ had been told by this very man to try contacting us for a review. Apparently the power of word of mouth is still doing its magical things in these modern times.

There is a lot of things to say or explore considering discovering A kLoKwErK kAoS, so to keep things easy and understandable; let’s discuss ‘Sailing Over The Edge Of The World’. With this I mean not literally the action of sailing over the edge of the world, but indeed the music that is living a life under this title, that was so kindly given by A kLoKwErK kAoS.

Sailing Over The Edge Of The World’ is described as a ‘single’ in the written words written by A kLoKwErK kAoS in a interesting email that was send to us. It comes from the newly released album positively titled ‘Suicide Note‘. Hearing it opens up possibilities and rips out the whole concept of ‘single’ apart in a thousand pieces. I wouldn’t call it a single, I would call it ‘a best horse in the A kLoKwErK kAoS stable, a show piece of excellence that frankly makes all written words unnecessary. The music here does have rememberable things of a single, with melodies that come back and the reappearances of themes; but in general it’s a track that will simply use smart moves to create wow-moments after wow-moments. A true showcase of A kLoKwErK kAoS’s ability to wow us all away in a fair amount of time.

Of course it is pretty much recommended to hear this beautiful pony for yourself, as nobody is better at being wowed away then you reading this. But in case you need some more words to be convinced, here are a couple more; ‘Wow Wow Wow Wow and Wow!
I realize that even though writing a fair amount of Wow’s, it is of course still just one word, so let me try to describe it a bit further for your convenience:

‘Sailing Over The Edge Of The World’ isn’t just coming across as one show tune, it is coming across as a travel tour from different themes all Sophistically draped and put together in one. It is difficult to describe it other than ‘Wow’, but see it a bit like a ride in Disneyland’s ‘it’s a small world’ in which the theme track music gets transformed and adjusted smoothly as the ride progresses and the view changes. Of course ‘Sailing Over The Edge Of The World’ doesn’t sound anything like ‘it’s a small world after all’ but it’s the thought that is behind it; a singular track that smoothly goes into different explorations without hiccups or awkwardness & yet full of different materials.

Just to be clear, when ‘it’s a small world’ is fairly annoying, super sweet and (in my opinion) a bit sickening; ‘Sailing Over The Edge Of The World’ is the total opposite! There is nothing that caters a sweet tooth; this is a ride that is wowing us away as it is on the edge of the world. When I close my eyes I envision the theme ride having the scene of the psycho-dad from the shining axing down a door while saying ‘here’s Johnny!’, a strange apocalyptic parade of blue demonic dwarfs knifing away, while lemmings jump over the actual edge of the world & strange ragingly mad rave-inventors taking shots of poison to be blow bubbles out of their nose holes.

I didn’t say ‘Wow’ for nothing really, as this show track is pretty much the happy welcoming ride of the end of the world & it’s done so amazingly smoothly. You will be happy to balance on the edge of the world when it is sounding like this; it’s this flow of excitement, lunacy, darkness, fantasy, fun and being close to death; you know – material that unleashes the dopamine until you can just say ‘Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow. Check it out here:

Of course there is a huge chance you like what you can hear above,
which probably means you want to hear more from where this had came from.
Luckily there is lots of music available through all the big online music outlets
which you can all find at the official website:

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