The GUIGUISUISUI Show – Wu Xing《五行》

title: Wu Xing《五行》
keywords: 8-bit devotional blues horror noise punk Beijing

Easy meets West, Girl meets Boy, chip tune game boy galore meets guitar punk? This duo contains the best of both sides of a lot of things, and provides with this fun blend a punk release ready to glue the past deep into the future: Lots of energy in a grim world that seemingly fits eyes surrounded by black mascara and a bracelet full of pointy spikes.

Think art house and Chinese tradition, Yoko Ono versus Yoshi and you get a point that you quite frankly might be pointed out to a bombastic new meltdown of culture, something that might be in deep contrast with the established musical boundaries. Sometimes they keep things seemingly in the east but then surprise you by feeding it lots of the West; a well-mixed middle point in which electronica is meeting the human attitude with hands playing the guitar, mouths sing or electronic music with melodies are conquering like melodic babies born out of differences & common shares of interests.

I don’t know how to describe it better, and feel like these tracks all deserve personal attention. If I ever open a beauty salon I would invite each and every track over for a free session of care and understanding; but for now I feel this is just a great release that is not only good entertainment, it also gives lots of things to analyze and think about. Besides all of this it is also excellent proof that when seemingly opposites come together they clearly create something new and worthy of your time & listening space. Your time and listening space’ are they opposites? Put them together and find out if they match like the sounds of The GUIGUISUISUI Show!

Why so serious? Come on and rock on these bleeps and riffs!

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