Garde Forestier – Garde Forestier

Garde Forestier
Artist: Garde Forestier
Title: Garde Forestier
Format: digital / tape
Keywords: tags: kids analog cassette digital french lo-fi loops minimal synth post-vaporwave soundtrack vaporwave France
Label: Cocktail Pueblo like

Garde Forestier by Garde Forestier is like putting in a old VHS video that had been sitting in the sun for quite a while, making the tape inside a little bit seasoned, resulting into a delicious grainy sound that feels like its a product from the past being resurrected. The music is good lo-fi material that somehow feels like a danceable soundtrack for a dodgy video collection, something that feels as if the late seventies and early eighties had popped up in a rhythmic trance of dodgy qualities.

There is popular polonaise material, groovy stuff with laughing stock comedy galore in music form. Melodies are played on steady rhythms, with vapor wave hints that smell like good hits from healthy bongs. Somehow I feel this is material taken from a treasure chest, a golden collection of music that would suit multiple long forgotten movies from the late-times when music wasn’t made on computers, but more hands-on live & on the spot material. There is something for everything and everyone on Garde Forestier ; happy stuff, dodgy shimmering darker stuff, rhythm, easy listening, trip taking dopamine, and those melodies that you can just imagine that Garde Forestier’s fingers play on a wonky looking keyboard.

But laugh all that you want, I seriously believe that Garde Forestier is a ground layer of this brand of Garde Forestier music. A potential genius who can do anything without an actual time machine. It’s like the opening of a psychedelic void in which synthesizer galore had lived & had been hiding, until it finally had been unleashed to please us. And without freaking out or ever to go and grab us weirdos by the throat; Garde Forestier relaxes and plays like a confident master-composer whose constructions have been captured on tape & saved through digitizing from a possible erasing magnet, or a dusty tape eating tape-player.

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