Sangam – All Was Left…

Artist: Sangam
title: All Was Left…
format: digital / Compact Disc & floppy diskette bundle
keywords: electronic ambient cinematic dark ambient dreampunk drone soundscape urban Romania

Sangam’s All Was Left’ is the release that feels like a sleepy time at a city of the future; A city in which the future is hand in hand with the past. Somehow the lights are on, people are inside snoring (a problem still not solved in the future!) or chilling, and the streets are calm and purple. Somehow I imagine it a city that would resurrected Prince just for it to be their mayor, or valuable face of the city.

The sounds and happenings brings the atmosphere of peacefulness, a city that never sleeps but ‘sleeps’, a place that is warm and yet futuristic and technical. A city in which modern things go together with the old school materials. Floppy diskettes are the choice of saving date safely over here; a thing so important in this city that they have build a futuristic religion about it.

The tracks are of ambient kinds, letting the neon lights glow with calm beats or soothing mellowness, something that just spreads around in the utopian architectures of this fantasy city. Old and new is represented in this city, some place that might not exist yet in this dimension, yet thanks to ‘All Was Left…’ It feels easy to just step directly into it.

Listening to this I can only imagine such a world-city in which people would have self-flying automatic car transportations, innovative food replicators, and highly intelligent dogs that clean up their own poop through futuristic vaporizations. I can imagine people relaxing with peaceful hologram programs, enjoying the luxury of automatic curtains that open and close by them-selves. It’s a contrast of active and chilled down luxury, a city worth the visit if you are sick and tired to live in a ‘The Flintstones’ world in which innovations are replaced by domestic dinosaurs. Feel free to join the futuristic city music over here.’:

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