The Dreamsociety – Rise of the Foodsoldiers

The horrible war machine is going on as we speak and it seems like everyone could be saved when all weapons and bombs would be mysteriously swapped for much more needed materials like icecream, fruit salads, bananas and creamy pies! Wouldn’t it feel great for soldiers to bomb hungry citizens with tasty baguettes?
Imagine dodgy looking crazy people would enjoy sucking on popsicles and people of the law would walk around in cuddly bear costumes? Who would have grenades if they could have chocolate and tomatoes instead?
Who needs fire if we can all enjoy ice-cream? Who needs tricky money hungry politicians that play games of war for their own wallets if we could bowl them down into a delicious soup? Who needs clouded bombs if we could create gigantic mushrooms instead?
Meet the Foodsoldiers, a video in which such a reality is displayed, and should be something for all to wish for! Who wouldn’t want to join the army if it meant to wear clown-shoes and spreading foods all over the place? Why not using tanks to shoot edible sweet things that turns sadness into happiness? We so need this to be a reality!


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