PBK – descent

PBK - descent

Artist: PBK
Title: descent
Keywords: experimental, synthesizer, electronic, field recordings, drone, noise,
Label: Attenuation Circuit
Reviewer: Willem van O.

PBK (Phillip B Klingler) is huge, a tape artist phenomenon with household name recognition that inspired many with its authentic sound of audio art and mystery. One of the influenced admirers was the label owner of Attenuation Circuit, a record label certainly not unfamiliar with sounds that are inspiring. You can imagine that now that PBK had somehow flew itself onto this very label, something PBK did with a very descent sounding rerelease named (what a coincidence) ‘descent’, that the label owner must have felt very similar to a young Michael Jackson fan meeting Michael for the very first time in ‘NeverLand’. Exciting!

It simply doesn’t happen every day to meet and work with someone you look up to. Perhaps if you are fairly short it would have been a different story, but the fame and glory of the legendary PBK is pretty much larger than life & that is pretty large. The ‘Descent’ release that clearly dazzled the owner of the Attenuation Circuit label into a fanboy who is standing ready with a autograph book and exciting butterflies in the guts, is not a crazy act. The music is indeed something you (and other people) would lick your lips for. Two sessions of slightly more than half an hour are there to please the ears.

You might have heard it long time ago, as it is in fact a re-release of PBK’s first solo album. But it doesn’t matter if you have been familiar with this famous tape hero from the eighties, or are completely new to it; as one will be happy to rehear and the other would be happy to hear it for the first time. It’s a win – win situation, really.

Music wise it’s of course high up in the highest standards. Two atmospheric pieces that are very original; the vintage synthesizer sounds are the true leader over here but also how they are actually played & the additional adding of other sounds gives this work a fine depth. Personally I felt it like walking through a enormous art gallery, a place in which little groups talk while they stroke their chins and look intellectually pleased with all the artworks on the walls. It is definitely not only artworks on the wall, but more a ‘multimedia’ art exhibition that I feel this music is taking me.

Wandering around while these two synthesizer friendly works build the right climate and atmosphere. It’s great to hear as it takes you away to a place that feels like its one with lots of things to see and hear; and you don’t really need to step around but just relax and hear it with your own ears. Modern museum visiting for people who don’t really want to go, but still want to hear the soundtrack to it all. Your recommended digital audio visit starts over here:

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