Catherine Meeson – Contemplating Buddha

artist: Catherine Meeson
title: Contemplating Buddha
keywords: electro pop ambient electrofolk electronic music electrorock ethereal neo-psychadelia new age music soundscape space music Melbourne
artist website:

Catherine Meeson is a singer songwriter electro acoustic composer living in Melbourne Australia. She is a multi instrumentalist, who writes and produces her own work under her own label name Sonic Sanctuary. Her latest album ‘Contemplating Buddha’ will take you on a spiritual journey of harmony and peace. Through electro-acoustics and a very distinctive soothing vocal style and expressional use of great baselines Contemplating Buddha delivers relaxing tropical harmony of a psychedelic and original kind.

You can easily here that every inch of the music and words are coming from a pure place in which the heart is queen and king at the same time. There is a romantic vibe, peacefulness, dopamine of pure relaxation and songs that call for wonderful islands in a blue ocean and golden beaches. Somehow Catherine Meeson manages to get internal wisdom out, spread it into a glow of sunshine, harmony of electronic and great human psychedelic-funk ability. A trip for intergalactic travelers with their minds and ears wide open!

The greatness of this album is the freshness and love that it is all so clearly been made off. You can hear it in every melody, in each and every sound, in every detail that this is a product of the soul and pure purity. It’s got the soul of a hippy, draped in a modern eclectic electricity that knits the golden seventies, opera-bites, magic, new age, deep bass, synth galore, coolness, modern island psychedelics, playfulness, pure light, groove, trance, and good hearted energy all together in a melodic piece of peace and harmony.

It’s the sound of a music goddess! Dedicated to give you the best all-round energy loaded music experience that will take you somewhere with many surprises along the way! Please don’t hesitate to tune in:

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