Covolux – Lobit Mafia

artist: Covolux
title: Lobit Mafia
keywords: Ambient, Drone, Delicate Lobit
label: Effluvia

There he sits, Don Covolux. A sinister figure behind a desk in a authentic half Italian half Brooklyn style home. It’s that time of the day again that Don Covolux allows problematic people to visit him in his personal office for advise and suggestions. Armed with a purring cat on his lap and a pistol hidden between his legs he would talk under a shadowy spotlight, like a concerned father to a child.

Today was not unlike any other day and after a strip search by Don Covolux’s bodyguards Fronk Sinotra could come in to explain the helpful don his problem. Fronk Sinotra was a inspiring singer, but didn’t have a lot of luck on its side. Let’s tune into their conversation…

Don Covolux: ah, Fronk. So good to see you my friend, how is your sister, wife and cat?
Fronk Sinotra: good to see you too papa. They are all fine.
Don Covolux: So what brings you here? What is on your mind, Fronk? How is your music business?
Fronk Sinotra: on my mind is a bit of bone, blood, skin & hair. The music business isn’t really working out Don, I don’t know what to do. I have the best voice in town, the looks to drive the people wild and you know; star quality! Yet I’m not even close to beat the shadow of Elfish Prosley.
Don Covolux: hmmm
Fronk Sinotra: I’ve got children to feed, albums to make, Hollywood stars to fill & even boots that are made for walking… I should have been bigger than Jamos Dean, you know.
Don Covolux: I don’t know. But I do know that when you sang on my daughter’s dog’s wedding it was a tremendous success. I had a tear into my eye… So wonderful… I owe you just for that; a better gift to my daughters dog I couldn’t have given.
Fronk Sinotra: thank you papa
Don Covolux: kiss the palm of my hand…
Fronk Sinotra: seriously?
Don Covolux: unless you want to disrespect your sugar daddy…

Fronk Sinotra kisses the hand palm of Don Covolux. At the same time a sharp claw of Don’s Cat digs into the cheek of Fronk Sinotra…

Fronk Sinotra: ouch! Why did he do that for?
Don Covolux: blood money
Fronk Sinotra: what?
Don Covolux: look… Stop moaning; I will help you for free to be the star that you always had dreamt to be. I will put you on the world star map of singing super stars, you will be more famous than Marilon Monroe!
Fronk Sinotra: really?
Don Covolux: no.
Fronk Sinotra: uh… what?
Don Covolux: no, I will make you more famous than the one who is more famous than Marilon Monroe! And that newly cat-scar in your face is going to be your logo!
Fronk Sinotra: wow! Thank you, papa.
Don Covolux: glad I can help out..
Fronk Sinotra: me too.
Don Covolux: there is only one condition my friend…
Fronk Sinotra: ….
Don Covolux: i would like to have those boots that are made for walking…
Fronk Sinotra: uh okay.. Because?
Don Covolux: one of these days these boots will walk all over you…
Fronk Sinotra: ?
Don Covolux: also I want you to do your thing, sing, dance and do what you do best until people will be extremely sick of you and your voice.
Fronk Sinotra: sick of my voice?
Don Covolux: yes
Fronk Sinotra: but why? I thought you liked it.
Don Covolux: I was joking.
Fronk Sinotra: which part?

Don Covolux: I only like lobit artists, and you are just some back stabbing lo-fi singer. I want you to annoy the hell out of everyone in order that they will switch off and explore the lobit artists that are under my special protection.
Fronk Sinotra: uh what? Lobit artists? Protection? What are you talking about, papa?
Don Covolux: ….
Fronk Sinotra: …..

Don Covolux: kiss the palm of my other hand.
Fronk Sinotra: not out of disrespect but uh no.. I mean your cat Don…
Don Covolux; kiss it.
Fronk Sinotra: mmm
Don Covolux: if you don’t kiss it I’ll make sure you’ll never sing again..
Fronk Sinotra: “kissing it”

Don Covolux: good.
Fronk Sinotra: ….
Don Covolux: now listen.. I’ll give you a hit song. Sing it with your voice and with a bit of family pressure we can launch it high up the charts.
Fronk Sinotra: sounds good
Don Covolux: the song is named ‘Now Yerk’, you will love it, Fronk.
Also a another song named ‘my woy’ will be hitting those fame meters hard!
Fronk Sinotra: my woy and Now Yerk? That sounds interesting.
Don Covolux: you will love it. To be frank it’s very you, Fronk.
Fronk Sinotra: oh wow. Thank you so much Don Covolux, I don’t know how to thank you!
Don Covolux: well my oldest son’s dog is going to marry and I would have loved you to sing on his dog’s wedding party..
Fronk Sinotra: oh I would love too.
Don Covolux: as if you have a choice.
Fronk Sinotra: uh what do you mean, papa?
Don Covolux: well, you know. I’m a Don.. Representing the lobit mafia family, eh? I deal with offers you cannot refuse, eh?
Fronk Sinotra: ah yes ha mafia style haha
Don Covolux: why are you laughing?
Fronk Sinotra: … Uh because you made a joke
Don Covolux: you are the only joke here, singing on people’s dog’s weddings! Asking as a lo-fi singer help from the lobit mafia? Are you out of your mind?
Fronk Sinotra: uh?
Don Covolux: you want to sing higher? I can shoot you in your balls right now, Fronk.
Fronk Sinotra: .. What?!
Don Covolux: right in the balls.
Fronk Sinotra: … No.. No, no.. Please don’t do it Don..
Don Covolux: okay I won’t.
Fronk Sinotra: …
Don Covolux: now please go away Fronk, sing those songs of stardom, piss off the entire music loving crowd with your annoyance dominating the music charts until everyone comes down running here to the lobit mafia for favors and offers they cannot refuse.
Fronk Sinotra: okay, Don I will.. I’m on ‘My Way’ I’ll go directly to the studio in New York to record My Woy and Now Yerk.. Thank you Papa.
Don Covolux: don’t forget to bring me these boots!

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