Toxic Chicken – Escape

artist: Toxic Chicken
title: Escape
keyword: HDM, experimental, Perth
label: Dog Park

I decided to write my very first review in my life, even though my
english sucks. But I can not help myself, new album by Toxic Chicken
is so good and released of fantastic netlabel of great Furchick, so
I hope my decision was right.
I invented new genre for Toxic Chicken music – “HDM”. What it means?
Harmonic Dopamine Music. You should try, but I bet that there is no
other project with so much hit potential and so loaded with positivity,
that is still on the weird side. Reminds me of Aphex Twin on mushrooms
jamming with bunch of chickens with analogue synths. You can dance, you
can relax, you can have sex…you can do everything that pleases you and
this is your soundtrack for it. After my mission on Earth I will return
to my planet and take Toxic Chicken with me, because I plan to create space
club for aliens that like to dance. Intergalactic discotheque with Toxic Chicken
playing live his happiness stimulating tunes & chill out vibes for every fine
creature in the universe.
What to write in the end? “Toxic” is healthy in this case and “Chicken” is
better alive than fried. Enjoy this awesome music as I did. You can find it
here and download is free, for your pleasure:


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One Response to Toxic Chicken – Escape

  1. Linda says:

    Two reviews, then two comments! Wow, nice perspective, to use toxic chicken music as the soundtrack for your life. But no, don’t you dare take the chicken! Cows and brainwashed humans have been taken so far, but let that feathered animal out of space. There’s a reason for it not being able to fly higher than 2 meters… and it is already high in the sky on its own grounds. Take a copy of the music, of transmit it lofi to your discotheque. I’m sure we can find a way to share ;D

    Thank you for the review, your English is just as good as your decision to make music (and know that I will schedule to listen to it right after finishing this spin on the Escape album) ❤

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