Houseキーパー – Checking In

artist: Houseキーパー
title:  Checking In
keywords: electronic ambient atmospheric vaportrap Romania
label: UNCHILL

Imagine yourself checking in at a beautiful checking in area of a hotel in the middle of green nature. It seems like you are the only guest around, so all attention will be on your pleasantness of the experience. Birds sing and feel good music plays as you are explore the luxury of the Tranquil Garden, a place in which you can clearly naturally bathe yourself among a beautiful impressive view of nature. It’s almost a comforting massage for the brain just being at this place.

Relaxing at the Hotel Lounge is also a comfy non activity to do. Outside through the splinter thin window you can hear little raindrops, while inside an orgasmic atmosphere of luxury and good taste decorates the ideal surroundings of vacation.

After the rain we can go out to smell the freshness of the outside, we can meet up with some other tourists and doing some badminton, beach ball, or just going for a walk among the fresh air given by the green surroundings

Or what about some indoor entertainment? Spending some good time in the activity center that has turned into a discotheque with funky golden oldies?

Of course on vocational spots like this, we should also go out for walks. Enjoy the sound of humming bugs, crispers of green, visit spas and enjoy aroma & body oil therapy, following the rhythm of your feet and go wherever they want to go; there is no rush, no appointments; this is a holiday!

Cool music is a good friend to be by our side, some times it functions as a curtain to keep the brightness of the evening street lights out and dig up a admirably cozy atmosphere of chill out entertainment. Maybe if you are a tired psychopath on holiday, this might be the perfect place to become insane; peek your head out of the window and watch the other unexpected holiday-goers pass by. I say whatever you are into, everyone needs a vacation, so why do you not ‘check in’ at the following link:

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