Toxic Chicken – Escape

artist: Toxic Chicken
title: Escape
keyword: experimental, Perth
label: Dog Park

Years ago I discovered Toxic Chicken, his music, his videos and his visual art.
I’ve been hooked ever since, trying to find as many of his albums as I could, and spending a lot of time on his youtube channel, watching his music videos. Yes, it’s really that good. He has become a music legend, having released music on many different netlabels around the internet. He deserves the status as legend, as he never
compromises on the quality of his work, and is also known to be a very down to earth and friendly personality.
His style is unique, the sounds remind me of chiptune music, but much more personal than most chiptunes.

So when I got a message that a new Toxic Chicken album was coming out on Dog Park Records, I was stoked.
“Escape”, it’s called. Maybe this means an escape in music. Listeners and artists sometimes use music as a means to escape the dullness of everyday life.
The first track is the title track, “Escape”. It starts with rhytmic strings and a gentle melody line. The music takes you to Toxic Chickens world of sounds. It’s like he’s telling a story without words. Makes me feel that this album is going to be great. Toxic Chicken has done it again!

The next track is cleverly titled “Escaped”. It’s like the story tells us that now we can breathe again,because we have escaped. It’s atmospheric and friendly.

“Into the shakula tree” has a bit darker feel. I don’t know what a shakula tree is, but maybe Toxic Chicken is climbing this kind of tree, escaping the civilization for a while.

“Gif” sounds like the creation of a .gif file. It’s mechanical; a contrast to the rest of the music, which mostly has an organic sound.

The next track, “Are you losing me”, has a soft voice over the music. There is a melancholy to this track, especially the title, but with Toxic Chicken there is always more hope than sadness.

Time for something happy and uplifting. “To hell with negativity”. Yes, indeed, negativity is a bitch, so why not listen to this happy tune and feel good? The beats and playful synths make you smile.

“Honor the king” sounds like it has a connection to the last track on this album, “Medieval”. It’s kind of in the same style, and it takes you back to a time of knights, dirty market places and horsecarriages.
I bet Toxic Chicken could have been a successful troubadour for the King in those times. I’m just glad his time is the time of the internet, so we can all enjoy his life affirming work.

“Laser fisting” has lasers in it. It has a lot of fast lasers in fact. But there is also a slower melody line running beautifully through the song. It reminds me of this movie I once saw about the future, where two people
were supposed to have virtual sex, wearing a futuristic psychic device on their heads, in order to avoid STDs.
I wonder if Toxic Chicken saw the same movie maybe?

Time for some toxic techno, “Dam Pii”. The beginning of the track almost sounds like the great old band Prodigy at work.
But it evolves and takes a form that you can recognize as being Toxic Chicken. Great track. Probably something technolovers would drool over and want to remix.

“3D printers to print people out”: The title is so funny. Imagine if that’s how people will be cloned in the future.
By 3D printers. The track is short, there’s a female voice in the end and it makes a great transition to the next track: “Sabai”. This sounds like some jolly jazz. Wow, I’m amazed. This is so good, but also doesn’t last
very long. There’s someone whistling and it adds something positive to the song for me.

Last track, and this is my favourite: “Medieval (bonus fluff)”. It’s so beautiful, I really love the violin line, and I can imagine hearing this played in a church somehow. Fingers snap in the background, along with some beats,
and the way this track floats into your ears is just wonderful.

I forgot to mention: there is a little drawn picture with each song, to illustrate in a drawing what the artist felt when making each song, I suppose. That’s a nice touch. Makes it all feel even more special.

I can definitely recommend this album by Toxic Chicken! And I also recommend that you go on a search for his other albums,
if you are like me and love this. You won’t be disappointed.

/Mr. Whisp

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1 Response to Toxic Chicken – Escape

  1. Linda says:

    With all those nice submissions on the dog park compilations of course it was only a matter of time! And let’s share the ❤ ❤ ❤ <3! Spot on review and indeed a very refreshing album. Somehow slightly different, yet a true poultry master piece.

    As now I'm listening it for the third time, those strings on "Honor the king" remind me of the garden album of Andreas Vollenweider. On the wiki it reads: "In 1975, Vollenweider discovered the harp and, finding its traditional versions too limited for his own musical ideas, developed his own style, tailoring the instrument according to his needs. He created the electro-acoustic harp."
    It would be nearly a copy and paste for the Chicken imho. Just not a harp but "electronical music". And what has been created I am not sure, but there is an own style, very distinctive and loved. ❤

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