Anal Malevich – red square on red canvas

Artist: Anal Malevich
title: red square on red canvas
keywords: Anal Malevich, 8ravens, 8 kbps, lobit, downtempo, doomed downtempo
label: 8Ravens

Anal Malevich just dropped two incredible releases out on my favorite lobit netlabel 8Ravens. As the first one ‘Fucking Depressed‘ might take you down into the zones of depression, I thought to color up the place with words for the most recent release titles ‘red square on red canvas’. It is not depressed sounding but still takes listeners down, down to wonderful rhythm of down tempo. In an easy to follow slow groove people can hang their heads, bounce graciously along with the beat and feel the red blossom of lobit coloring the surroundings up.

Somehow it feels relaxed and strong like a warrior at the same time. I also dream of boats that are being rowed. It has this tempo of calm water; someone banging on a drum in a triumphant matter while the ‘redness’ is represented in flutes and a fruitful mellow melody that also comes across as something sailors would enjoy. Perhaps it’s the help of a piano on board of a ship that adds the goodness to this atmosphere, maybe it’s more a communist thing, but whatever your imagination says about this release; it is all true!

red square on red canvas is what you make of it, open for interpretation and yet constructive and non-abstract. The visualization belongs on the wall of a museum, but the actual music belongs to play deep inside a listener’s skull!

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