Bloom – Looking Glass

artist: Bloom
title: Looking Glass
keywords: 2step garage dance pop

Don’t wake me up as I’m just about to dream up a mega review. The future is here and you (dear loyal reader) are in mine! So glad you could make it! Yes, we have done a lot of things around here; reviewing when completely pissed, reviewing with a plastic black bag on the head, and reviewing things like a random toilet roll. But today’s review, (yes, the one that you are in fact reading right now!) is very different as its completely written in a dream.

But how is that possibly you might ask yourself; it’s easy, you are dreaming as we speak. Can you hear the voice in your head when reading this? Well that’s because you are part of the dream. In fact in the other world, the so called ‘reality’ this post doesn’t even exist; you are all making it up, writing it yourself through the mysterious dream channels. Amazing isn’t it? I bet you don’t want it to stop! If nobody (or some horrid alarm clock) will wake you up you might as well continue reading…

We can say what we want, with a bit of mind power you can change the flow or even the colors of the letters; isn’t dream reviewing fantastic?

The music that this writing is about, a wonderful song named ‘Looking Glass’ is active in both dimensions. Here in dreamland, but also in the land of the so called ‘awake’. That’s probably because the song balances between these two different realities in such a strength that it’s almost a rainbow bridge between two worlds. It’s as physical as it’s spiritual, a portal for wild imaginations and connections from the future and the past.

The song is written and sung by the harmonic swinging and singing shaman, frequent traveler of time and space, cat whisperer, intergalactic universe purist with the golden heart ‘Bloom’ and profoundly executed (note: not as in an electric chair!) by a happy band of real and imaginary friends. Together they cross the boundaries, defy the rules of ska and pop, fly between dream and reality without showing a single passport.

Their key to open all the doors between these two dimensions is something Throbbing Gristle had been searching for in their heavy experimentalism, yet who would have known that it isn’t about frequencies or loudness, but about the goodness of love and loyal honesty? Don’t worry if this all blows your mind as after all; you are still dreaming this all up. When you do return to the reality, your mind will still be in tact! Probably filled with love and perhaps wanting to go back to the magical dream side for more magical music revelations. But before you go I wish nobody would wake you up as if you click ‘play’ below, you are just about to hear it all:

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2 Responses to Bloom – Looking Glass

  1. linda says:

    I forgot to bring my glasses with me at work, such coincidence :-/ I am farsighted, so trying to do my work now using the magnifier functionality of windows. This is gong to be a long, long, exhausting day… Fortunately, I have YIKIS bookmarked (saves me some typos) and am welcomed by Bloom cheering me up, even telling me to go nicely back to sleep. So sweet, so nice, to happy. I hope my boss accepts my imaginary work ;D (I’ll read the review another time but I’m sure it is as happy and uplifting as the music <3)

  2. kainobuko says:

    haha yes we all need our looking glasses.. or maybe in this case your ‘boss’ needs one 🙂

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