Keywords: devotional deathindustrial easy listening easylistening harsh noise harshnoise noise noisecore noiserock nuclear war soft bodies records London
reviewer: Simon Hit

When there is a fight, a misunderstanding or simply an exploding rage of pure hate it could easily turn into violence. Whatever rows a personality’s boat, but average physical violence mostly just results in black and blue eyes, bruises, some broken bones and a lot of headache…

BOGUS PIPELINE for sure is angry, but is also not stupid! Instead of bashing the source of their anger with fists, sticks and boots they actually made something that can be preserved and heard for many years to come! Oh yes, it is hateful & oh yes it certainly might hurt or give you nose bleedings, but its way better than a fight in a lonely alley way; this is public slandering! Public slaughter with noise instead of knives!

BOGUS PIPELINE has a problem with a certain label, we don’t name any names but you can find a ‘hint’ in the release title (or in the keywords..). They inform us that they have been gathering their hate for two years and now reached their boiling point of no return. They hit the clocks of doom, plant the grave stone for their source of hate and bang their anger in both your ears as if they are gaping holes and steel pipes, fists and extreme high voltage of frustration is thrown in like a pounding predator!

You can scream and you can hide, but after this case of cropped anger your head might end up like a exploded potato! Well done BOGUS PIPELINE your ‘directed violence in sound form ‘ is more worth than a slap in the face or a blue eye!

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