s o u L O f m y S h o E s – Imaginary 7”

artist: s o u L O f m y S h o E s
title: Imaginary 7”
keywords: alternative bedroom bedroom pop indie pop indie rock lo fi Torino

As you know, we here at YIKIS are deeply into pretty physical releases; and wow this imaginary 7″ looks fantastic, feels great in the hands and when placed on the imaginary vinyl player the whole experience makes me rethink how important Imaginary seven inches are. There are three tracks on it, all with a difference but all perfectly sounding while the imaginary 7″ runs around in circles.

Placing the imaginary needle on the spinning imaginary record reveals the first track. A song that sets the mind to think… about being lost…
Being lost in the universe and not really knowing where your space is deserves somehow a map with a red dot (you are here!) and another dot to point out that promised space in which you belong. Unfortunately that’s not how the universe seems to work, it is a puzzle and everyone is left to their own devices to find a solution to solve it. It’s a fascinating puzzle as somehow we all fit in somewhere, as if we are all the living puzzle pieces wandering around to connect the dots and ourselves in order to fit in. This song ‘Universe’ seems to be written by someone who is equally facing this challenge of finding the right place, but somehow I’m glad she is still lost as otherwise this pretty music piece would probably not have existed. Something which would be a shame as we all know that the universe loves nice music attached to her name. It’s sung ever so nicely, wondering and wandering in a believable way that sounds honest and kind; aren’t we secretly all a bit lost in this universe?

Whoops the imaginary needle skips all over the imaginary 7″… It’s been a while since I used my imaginary record player. It’s not the fault if this imaginary 7″ that’s for sure! Placing the needle back and the next track named ‘Attese’ start to play! I’m sure we can all agree that either lost or not; this is the place to be! This is such a lovely dose of minimal melodic acoustic cuteness, it has no vocals but its friendly sound has a distinctive pop structure; something for sweet afternoons in the sun. Not the sound of being lost at all!

Last on this imaginary 7″ we can find the cozy but slightly melancholic sounding ‘Pins and needles’. This is an acoustic kind work that goes together with a seasoned male voice who sings in its honest way a song. It’s a warm happening, making me feel as if this person is a familiar member of the family, trustworthy and caring like an uncle next to an open fire.

All in all the not existing 7″ is one that might as well one day be born as a real life physical version. It got three strong tracks that fit together and yet show a different side of the story. You can use your imagination or get the imaginary 7″ at the following link:

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