Ann Key – Ann Speaks Key

artist: Ann Key
title: Ann Speaks Key
keywords: phenomenon, speaking, spoken word, experimental, sounds, noise, dada,
artist web:

Jippa dippa dee: I hope you read me! Why? Cause we got something important to talk about: Ann Key! As unlike previous things that she had been pumping out on her cloud full of sounds, this time we can all hear that she has an actual voice and is able to speak! It’s indeed a bit of a miracle to hear Ann Key speaking in ‘Ann Speaks Key’ as it personally reminded me how a language sounds like when you have been living abroad and forgotten all about how it sounds.

I don’t know if you are familiar with this happening in your life, but if you have you probably know what I’m typing about. After years of neglect of your own native language, the moment you will get back exposed to it; all will sound like proper abracadabra. It will be like aliens talking, or locals talking in foreign languages, even though it’s a language you should know and understand. It’s a weird phenomenon and I wonder if there is an actual word for it. Does science have a word for this? Are you reading this helpful scientist?

Anyway this ‘phenomenon’ sounds quite like listening to Ann Key when she speaks in ‘Ann Speaks Key’. It’s like you hear her talk, you can imagine her multiple mouths open and close, you can visualize her having chats with all the facets of her own personality at once AND yet it is all sounding like nothing like you have ever heard before… abracadabra seems even too familiar to compare it with! Just like the ‘phenomenon’ it gives the listener a few minutes to be completely flabbergasted, giving the brain a slight meltdown & then towards the end of it; the language becomes understandable!. Very interesting stuff indeed! You can experience it:below:


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